It's OK To Make Money Teaching Yoga (Without Feeling Guilty)

Written by Jill Lawson

As an owner of a yoga studio, I understand the struggle to find a balance between sharing the gifts of yoga, and doing what it takes to keep my business growing.

Here are four reminders that help me to stay in balance, and celebrate, not desecrate, making money with yoga.

1. Earning a modest living can knock you off balance if you're not mindful about how you use your money.

I have come to understand what it takes to share my love of yoga with others. The investment in becoming a yoga teacher is very significant, and continuing education adds more to the bill. When we use the money we make teaching yoga to keep ourselves flourishing as a teacher, we enhance our ability to serve. After all, isn’t serving our students the reason we teach yoga?

2. Use a portion of your earnings for your health, because when you are healthy, you will have more energy to give. 

While I choose to teach yoga because of the peaceful lifestyle it affords, there won’t be a positive outcome if the “serene and happy teacher” is not taking care of herself.

This is a classic example of the law of cause and effect, and in a way, the law of karma. You serve your students, they pay you, and you take of yourself so you can serve your students again. Everybody benefits.

3. Making money doesn’t have to be about shamefully hording every penny you earn. 

There will always be opportunities to allocate a portion of your earnings to those in need. Having something to share is an honorable way to respect getting compensated for the good work that you do. This is a key concept that makes my spirit soar as I am balancing the ledgers. I feel grateful to be able to share, even if it is just a small amount.

4. You must take care of your bottom line.

Every business has to meet its bottom line in order to be successful. In yoga, the bottom line is not some arbitrary number; the bottom line is you. I am working around the clock, not because I am a workaholic, but because I am my work. If I stop practicing what I teach, and don’t allocate some amount of money for my own self-care, I will have no business teaching yoga.

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