How To Use Feng Shui To Hone Your Intuition

Intuition is a real thing. Those Spidey senses are hard to ignore. Yet we do it all the time!

Every single person I know who has had a partner cheat knew it immediately, but chose to ignore it. People who were going to get fired from their jobs generally know long before it happens.

Lately I've been challenged by uncomfortable situations that defy logic, but just feel right. I’ve grown used to making unconventional choices because I knew I had to make them. I’m used to calling myself “weird,” because it's easier than saying “I feel things and I react accordingly.” I’m certainly not infallible, but when I'm in my intuitive zone, I can take leaps of faith whether or not they seem bizarre to other people. They might not be big risks, but they're the kind of risks that feel right.

Conversely, when I'm being too pragmatic or get too attached to an outcome, I can get closed down to the truth of things. Often when I start asking my friends for clarity on a situation, it's because I'm unwilling to confront what I already know about it.

As it turns out, our gut feelings are real. The enteric nervous system acts as a “second brain” in our gut. This second brain influences our emotions, even though they're sometimes expressed as physical feelings rather than thoughts that are easy to articulate.

There’s also the more ethereal idea that our intuition can come to us in flashes that we “see” with our “third eye,” or the point roughly between our eyebrows. These flashes of inspiration are another way some people tell me that they see their intuitive life unfolding.

Now, to the feng shui of it all! There are a handful of ways I shake up a space to strengthen intuition using feng shui. Clients who are at a crossroads in life or are emerging from a betrayal often try some of these ideas — but feel free to mix them up and try a version that works for you. After all, at its core, intuition is the ability to trust yourself to make the best decisions for you.

1. Strengthen your sense of self-empowerment.

In the bagua, it’s the far left corner of a home, a piece of property or a room. It's also called the "Money Corner." All of those brilliant investors and entrepreneurs are certainly not devoid of intuition. Just cleaning and organizing this area of your home can “activate” this greater trust in yourself.

2. Get golden. 

Your gut is the center of your body as well as the center of your home. Golden colors are divine for enhancing a sunny, warm and grounded earth sensibility. Paint your walls in this area in buttery colors, add gilt accents, pile on the citrine (my favorite gemstone!) or hang some golden art. While you're busy doing this, also make sure that you love everything in the center of each room, and the center of your home. If you don’t, now is the time to clear space and make changes.

3. Keep rooms “balanced.”

If you have heavy furniture on one side and no furniture on the other, you're expressing an imbalance in your life. Try to balance out both sides of your rooms and feel the sense of stability it brings.

4. Let the wood energy flow.

Wood energy is creative, and the creative overcomes the logical! Writing cursive in journals, doing yoga, stretching and eating more plant-based foods are all simple ways to activate more wood energy. If you're an artist, try working on a big rectangular desk or table to give yourself more wood energy space to create.

5. Let things go.

Holding on to stuff you don’t need is a sure way to fasten yourself to one place and feel a false sense of security. When you're willing to go with the flow and let go of things, you'll grow more comfortable with the idea of clear space and the possibility of change. You may find yourself more comfortable with intuitive messages to take a leap of faith if you have less weighing you down and holding you in a space you know.

6. Wash those windows!

Clarity comes when the eyes of your home are clear. Wash those windows and the clarity will emerge.

Finally, practice! My friend and I play a game. We take note of our initial impressions of jobs, projects, new friends, dates, and the like. We don’t even say, “You knew that was going to happen!” to each other any more. We just say, “Yep.” Ninety percent of the time now, it’s “yep.”

Practice following these feelings and you’ll get to your own sense of “yep” about things before you know it! It's such a freeing feeling!

Dana Claudat

Dana Claudat is a designer, Pyramid School feng shui master, and founder of the holistic and artistic lifestyle blog The Tao of Dana. A Stanford-educated art historian with nearly a decade of experience in design, feng shui, research, and writing about the ways that changing spaces can change lives, Dana has fused art, science, and feng shui into her own style of expansive design. In addition to serving mindbodygreen as an expert for many years, Dana has been a guest curator for Saatchi Online, and her work has been featured in Glamour, Lonny, Huffington Post, Blake Lively's Preserve, and many more global media outlets. She is based in Los Angeles, and her design and feng shui clients include Hollywood A-list creators and vibrant entrepreneurs, as well as artists and creatives around the world seeking more creativity, clarity, love, and empowerment in their homes and their lives. You can learn more about working with Dana on your own expansive design—from anywhere you are in the world—here.For more art, design, and lifestyle inspiration, you can follow Dana on Pinterest and Facebook.
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