Use Ayurveda To Stay Cool In The Summer Heat

Written by Premal Patel, M.D.

You love the summer season and the freedom it brings — family picnics, vacations, t-shirts and shorts, and swims to cool off. What you don’t love is the extreme heat. You know that a couple extra hours in the higher temperatures, and you may start getting a little irritable, fatigued, and even get indigestion and skin rashes.

In Ayurveda, the constitutional principle that is highest during summer is pitta — the fiery principle that's responsible for all transformation. To manage pitta, you want to do the things that are opposite of a fiery nature: calming, soothing, cooling, and relaxing activities and food.

Here are some Ayurvedic tips to keep you cool in the summer heat:

1. Drink coconut water. 

This refreshing delight is cooling and soothing, while also being an electrolyte-rich replenishing drink in the summer.

2. Add aloe vera juice or gel to your water. 

Another cooling favorite, aloe vera keeps the digestion healthy, flushes toxins from the system, and is great for the parts of the body where heat likes to show up, including the skin.

3. Do cooling pranayama, like shitali and shitkari.

These soothing breathing techniques make a noticeable difference, even if you are out in the heat of the day.

4. Get some moon rays. 

While the sun and warmth of the day may call you to come and play, when you find that you’ve had a little too much heat, spend some time outdoors in the cooling light of the moon. It helps soothe and calm the mind and soul.

5. Eat light. 

Your digestive fire is delicate in the extreme heat of the summer. Enjoy the sweet fruits and greens of the summer that provide the nutrition you need and keep it light on the tummy. Berries and melons are a great treat! Other cooling foods include cucumber, cilantro, mint and avocado.

6. Massage yourself with a cooling oil like coconut oil. 

A self-massage can be just the thing to relax your body and mind after a long day of hiking, swimming, or any other activity playing in the sun. A coconut-based oil with Ayurvedic herbs, like Brahmi Coconut, brings you the soothing benefits of coconut oil and the calming effects of brahmi.

7. Make a tea from cumin, coriander, and fennel. 

This yummy digestive tea rejuvenates the body, cleanses toxins, and removes excess heat from the body. Add just a little sweetener of your choice if you’d like, and wind down your day with a nice hot cup of this easy-to-make brew.

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