How I Overcame Chronic Fatigue & Fibromyalgia

Written by Belinda Anderson
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My body was riddled with pain for countless years. I can’t tell you the exact day when fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome kicked in. All I know is that I noticed gradual changes in the way my body was feeling, and before I knew it the pain and fatigue had become a natural part of life for me.

I constantly asked myself what I'd done to cause this, since I looked after myself physically and seemed healthy in so many ways. I was aware that people got sick for many reasons, but I was not aware of how our thoughts and emotions affect our physical body.

I searched and tried every option, technique and avenue available. I had a massive network of people helping me with my symptoms. I could list every physical therapy, exercise, vitamin, mineral, herb, doctor and professional I relied on to help me find an answer, not to mention the large amounts of money I spent.

What I didn’t realize was that I was searching for answers in the wrong place — I was focused on the body rather than the underlying cause of my pain.

I would later learn that my physical pain was connected to internalizing thoughts and emotions of the past, which had been suppressed and locked in my subconscious. But until that time, the stories of my past were written in my body; my negative thoughts and feelings had become their physical equivalent.

I became chained down and exhausted by my pain. My muscles were knotted up, I had burning sensations throughout my entire body and everything was tense and stiff. My head ached and felt as though it was being held tightly in a vice. My mind was always foggy, which affected my cognitive function.

As the years went by, I began learning how to overcome many obstacles by dealing with the emotions connected to my past, and in doing so, my physical symptoms began to dissolve. Getting to the heart of the matter and changing my perceptions were huge steps in allowing me to move on and change my outlook on life.

Learning that “where the mind goes the body will follow” was also a huge milestone, as it allowed me to understand the mind-body connection. This allowed me to start creating a life I was excited about — and one I was ready for.

The first time I noticed many of my symptoms subsiding was during my first pregnancy. This was a very happy time for me. My life felt meaningful, and I had such a deep love for my unborn baby. It was the first time I became aware of my positive emotions translating into an easier, more comfortable feeling in my body.

My Chinese acupuncturist later played a major part in furthering my healing. He taught me to take the focus off my symptoms and place it on the cause of them. I later discovered and embraced the emotional connection and probable cause of my fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue after reading an online column by Louise Hay, author of the well-known book You Can Heal Your Life. In response to a reader with similar symptoms to mine, she wrote: “Stiffness is a result of rigid, stiff thinking. Tension, fear and holding on result in the body cramping and gripping.”

What a reality check! Before I read this, I had already learned to let go of what was causing my pain and angst, and this letting go had cured me. What I read was simply the icing on the cake, a confirmation of my own experience.

This experience made me want to learn more about how our emotions affect our health. So I set out on a mission to learn everything I could in this area.

I am living proof that you can overcome debilitating symptoms. If you choose to look past your symptoms and see how your mental and emotional patterns are linked, you can do the same. Your focus needs to be on the cause, since you need to get to the heart of the matter if you want to find a cure.

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