Why Abundance Means More Than Making Lots Of Money

For years I read books like The Secret and listened to gurus talk about creating a life of abundance. Inspired by the possibilities, I set out to create my own life of abundance. I learned that the first step to creating an abundant life was to do what I loved for a living. When you do something that you're passionate about, there's an energy and power in the work you do that will translate into success and abundance. In other words: Do what you love, don’t focus on money, and abundance will follow.

My mistake was that I spent a large portion of my life equating abundance with money. To me, the mantra was more like, “Do what you love, and money will follow.” It’s not something I wanted to admit to myself, but deep down, I hoped that abundance meant money.

However, I did follow the first step to creating a life of abundance: I chose do something I loved. I turned my passion for health and fitness into a career. I started out thinking that money would be the abundance I would receive, and that it would eventually flow into my life. In the meantime, I was just going to enjoy my career. While I waited, I genuinely enjoyed working as a personal trainer, and that passion and energy resonated with my clients. The abundance I received was not what I was expecting.

When I was at the gym, it was obvious to others that I enjoyed what I did. That effortless enthusiasm became contagious, and I developed strong bonds with my clients. In fact, some of my best friends today are people who started off as personal training clients. I even spoke at one friend’s wedding.

So here's what I learned about abundance over the course of my life so far:

Abundance is lifelong friendships. 

My passion and energy also resonated with my colleagues in the workplace. One of my dearest friends is a fellow trainer I met at the gym. Our mutual appreciation for the personal and emotional aspect of fitness helped us form an instant bond, and a great friendship. Today, we're business partners and co-own our very own Anytime Fitness gym. I'm my own boss, and I work with one of my best friends. We have a lot of fun together and we conduct our business with love, compassion and understanding. We love what we do!

Abundance is life on your terms.

My love for fitness created opportunities that I couldn't have imagined. Building and operating a 24-hour gym is an expensive venture. Funding in this economic climate is no easy task, but a former client is now one of our investors. He didn’t invest in our business plan; he invested in us. The amazing part is that he came to us while we were having a difficult time finding investors.

Abundance is opportunity.

Another client of mine, who was almost our first investor for the gym, encouraged me to get online and write about whatever I was passionate about. He inspired me to create kamaral.com – my personal blog. I write about anything that resonates with me, and I’ve received a lot of support and encouragement from people all over the world. It’s my creative outlet and I truly enjoy expressing myself through it.

Abundance is inspiration.

My blog didn’t bring me any money, but it brought me love. One of the people who responded to my blog happened to be the girl I would eventually marry in 2012. Today, we’re happily married and I’m a proud father of two beautiful boys.

Abundance is love.

Becoming a personal trainer didn’t bring me a lot of money. In fact, if I had a crystal ball that could see into my future, I would have only been looking to see if I made money, while completely missing the real abundance that followed. I’m grateful that there was no crystal ball. I’m even more grateful that money wasn’t the abundance, because I would have missed out on the great friendships, the inspiring partnerships, the life-changing opportunities, personal inspiration, and my soul mate. Abundance can't be measured by dollars and cents.

If I had to advise someone on how to create a life of abundance, I would suggest two steps. The first step: Do what you love. The second step, and equally important, is to surrender. Surrender to the experience of what unfolds when you follow your heart. Abundance will flow into your life through many different forms, as it did mine.

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