Top 5 Signs You're A Lazy Yogi

We've all seen it, and heck, sometimes we've been it: The Lazy Yogi. Sometimes it happens, but when it becomes a habit, it's time to check in and figure out why you're going to your yoga class. The Lazy Yogi can become a distraction to other students and the teacher and—depending on the amount of distraction—can be a real energy sucker.

Here are the Top 5 Signs You're a Lazy Yogi (and how to not be one): 

1. You go to yoga for a workout, but you give up on every hard move.

Yoga is much more than just a workout. But certain styles can definitely kick your butt. If you're coming for a workout, be prepared to workout! If what you want is a stretch, make sure to go to a gentler class.

2. You never take a moment to find stillness in your practice. 

In yoga, there are times to move and times to be still. If you're feeling the need to fidget or a deep intense stretch, this means you're on the cusp of making some HUGE changes. Stay with it. Breathe. Resist the urge to move and instead, see what comes up or you mentally and emotionally.

3. You show up late and leave during savasana. 

There are times when we need to leave early, or traffic jams make us late, but when lateness becomes a habit, shoot for a different time or set a timer so you aren't late. The beginning and ending of classes are often the most important parts.

4. When a challenge arises, you skip out and move straight for Child's Pose. 

Instead, try to work to your edge. Feel a bit of challenge without pushing to injury. Take a rest in Child's Pose if you need to, so that you're still active in the practice as you rest.

5. You practice watching asana more than the actual asana. 

If a move is too hard or you're feeling particularly wiped out that day, shoot for the modification rather than giving up and watching. When you sit back and watch, it can make everyone else self conscious and doesn't do you one bit of good.

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