3 Easy Ways To Give Your Adrenals A Break

Want to keep your adrenal glands cool this summer? Try these three easy steps to keep your adrenals running smooth, even in the sweltering heat.

1. Keep cortisol low.

Ditch the caffeine. Period. Try a maca substitute if you’re craving richness in your morning cup, or an herbal tea that contains lemon, ginger, or dandelion root for a detoxifying effect. Another easy way to keep cortisol low is to swap out your daily run for a moderately paced walk. Less intense exercise keeps cortisol at bay, keeping your body in stress-free mode! If you're a runner, make sure to eat a post-run snack of protein and carbohydrate to stop cortisol from sizzling all day.

2. Regulate blood sugar.

Try to eat within an hour of waking to align with your body’s natural rise in cortisol. Time your snacks and meals so that you’re not letting yourself get hungry or putting your body in a stressful state. Your meals should get smaller as the day goes on to mimic your body’s natural cortisol production. Give your body a week to get used to your new eating pattern. Pretty soon it will come to expect a big morning meal and won’t be driven to overeat at night.

3. Hydrate intelligently.

It’s tempting to chug cold water, especially when it’s sizzling outside, but be mindful of how you hydrate. Sip water throughout the day, 2-3 ounces at a time, avoid drinking water 30 minutes on either side of a meal, and add a little sea salt to your water to help maintain a good electrolyte balance.

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