Don't Take Sleeping Pills! Power Up Your Chakras Instead!

Written by Stacy Michelle

Don't do it! 

Here’s why:

We tend to look outward for solace, especially when we're desperate for sleep. However, my mantra is all answers lie within. Here are some ways that you can go inward, power up your chakras, manage your energetic space, and get a sound, restful, sleep, no problem.

Power Up Your First Chakra

In our society, we have a tendency to be up in our heads a lot, thinking, thinking, thinking. Plus, we want to be in control because asking for help is sometimes considered weak. (I used to be one of those people!)

Energetically, all this thinking and controlling means we don’t allow ourselves to be supported by Earth Energy, because all of our energy is often up in our heads. When we're not grounded and connected to Earth energy, we may feel scattered, fearful and anxious, and these emotions can definitely hinder our sleeping patterns.

This exercise balances your energy by connecting your first chakra to the energy of the Earth with a grounding cord. The grounding cord is an energetic cord, which creates a partnership with the Earth and promotes that sense of self-awareness and true authenticity. It also replenishes your energy with Earth energy and releases unwanted energy from you resulting in a more sound, restful, sleep. Try it out:

  • Take awareness to your first chakra. (For women, it's the space between your ovaries; for me, it's the base of the spine.)
  • Imagine a green ball of energy (as wide as your hips) sitting in that space. Drop the green ball down to the center of the earth and imagine as you do that it forms a green grounding cord connecting you from your first chakra down to the center of the Earth.
  • Imagine that cord is half green/half brown. Visualize little green threads of light extending from your grounding cord to your sciatic nerve, across your back, and down your legs. This helps to calm and ground your nervous system.
  • Drop that grounding cord throughout the day as often as you need.

Set Your Crown Chakra to 25%

We're all connected through energy. If your crown chakra (top of the head) is wide open, it becomes an energetic free-for-all for anyone who wants to dump his energetic trash (for example: fear, or anxiety) in your space. All of this excess energy in your space can definitely keep you up at night.

Here’s the fix: Set your crown chakra to 25% before sleep and keep it at 50% throughout your day. How do you do this? Think of your chakras like flowers, fully bloomed and completely open at 100% or completely closed at 0%. So take awareness to your crown chakra (top of your head) and get bossy with it by asking it to close to 25% OR if imagery is your thing, close your eyes and imagine it closing to 25%. You may feel more self-contained and less spacey when doing this.

Clear Out Your Internal Clutter 

Let's get real, looking at our destructive emotions (like anxiety and anger) is not on our list of fun things to do. We can stuff these emotions in an energetic closet (our chakras) and this build up of emotional energy hinders our sleep.

If this resonates with you, take a time out, sit quietly, meditate, and try to get in touch with your emotional energy. You may have agood cry or yell, let it out! By getting in touch with your emotions and bringing them into conscious awareness, you can release them from your energy body and catch some zzzzs as a result.

Let me know if you tried any of the above techniques and if they worked for you!

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