Want To Be More Successful? Schedule This One Thing.

Written by Liz Brazier

While sitting on the couch 24/7 isn’t going to win you any awards, working 24/7 will only move you closer to burnout.

So what will make you successful? Something quite simple: Scheduled downtime. Make time for that in your weekly calendar and you'll move closer to the life you want.

Can you do that? Do you feel anxious about stepping away from your commitments? Guilty? This is all completely understandable.

But unfortunately, having no downtime can lead to overwhelm. Ironically, time out from work makes you more effective in all areas of life.

I challenge you to look at your top three priorities in your life right now. (Some ideas: your partner, your children, writing a book, learning the guitar). What are your priorities? And are you spending time with them?

Take a deep breath and write down the top three things you'd regret not doing if you die tomorrow. And then start planning small ways to fit these into your life this week.

The best thing to do right now is to schedule your life into your calendar. 

If you aren’t doing it now, when will you?

I take 20 minutes on a Sunday morning to look at my calendar for the next six days and schedule a range of tasks, including: exercise, relaxation, Skyping with family, seeing friends, working, reading, and watching my favorite TV show. Not every moment is scheduled; I have just enough of an outline that I can look forward to key things that make me feel happier.

It's cliché, life go by so quickly and the world needs a happy and fulfilled you to be a part of it now.

What you are scheduling for you this week?

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