How To Stop Craving Foods That Are Terrible For You

Do you crave stuff that isn't good for you, eat it anyway, then feel guilty? Do you ask yourself if you snack too much or too little?

Have you been trying to figure out how to keep your energy up and still stay slim?

Some people feel that snacking is bad and that eating between meals leads to weight gain, which brings on the guilt. Others believe that eating many small meals and snacks throughout the day is healthy for maintaining energy levels and optimal weight. So what's right for you?

The game-changer for me happened when I began to learn how to listen to the messages I was getting from my body. A sweet craving is a message, feeling tired at 3 p.m. is a message, and they both point in the same direction: something is missing!

Here's how you can beat the cravings and feel healthy and happy again:

1. Say bye-bye to the snack attack guilt.

Everything that we eat gives us a particular result. It's either good, as in you're feeling great, or it's bad, as in stomachache, bloating, low energy, mental fogginess. So what’s the point of feeling guilty if you already ate it?

2. Decode the message.

Try to understand why you are snacking: Are you hungry? Are you anxious? Are you bored? Are you upset? Was your meal 100% nutritious? Did you eat enough?

Make a note of the REAL reason behind the craving and see if there's a pattern behind it.

3. Find your healthy substitute.

Make a list of options as to how you could fulfill that need in a healthy and nourishing way. If you were anxious, or bored, ask yourself what could bring you back into balance. Do you need more love? More exercise? A break from your routine? Think about the things that make you happy and your life beautiful.

4. Upgrade your meals.

Meals that are not composed of protein, carbs and fats will cause sweet cravings. Lack of protein is a primary cause of sweet cravings, so if you're vegetarian, look at your protein intake.

Make sure you eat whole grains daily, and make sure you're getting enough sweet vegetables (carrots, onions, sweet potatoes, corn, beets). Use natural sweeteners such as stevia, honey, maple syrup and molasses, and get high-quality fats from foods like coconut oil, salmon, flax, chia, walnuts and avocado.

5. Upgrade your life

Write down the following:

  • 1 action that will bring fun to your life every day.
  • 1 action that will bring love (from yourself, a pet or others) to your life every day.
  • 1 action that will bring a smile to your face every day.
  • 1 action that will bring relaxation for your body, mind and spirit every day.

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