How To Lose Weight Without Obsessing Over The Scale

Written by Danielle Prestejohn

I stopped weighing myself years ago and haven’t stepped on a scale since. My problem with scales was that I gave them too much power. If I stepped on and I didn’t like the number staring back at me, it was sure to ruin my day.

When I think about it now, it almost makes me laugh. I was letting a number dictate exactly how my day would go from start to finish. Now that just seems silly.

So if I gave up weighing myself, how will I ever know if I’ve lost weight?

First off, giving up the scale has taught me that I really don’t care all that much if I’ve lost or gained a pound. What I do care about is how amazing I feel and how much energy I have; but I’ll be honest, I wouldn’t mind a little weight loss along the way too. So here are some foolproof ways to track your weight loss and health without ever stepping on the scale. Be mindful of...

1. How you feel in your clothes. 

Are they loose? Tight? Getting snugger? More importantly, are you confident in them?

2. How you're sleeping. 

Do you have trouble falling asleep? Staying asleep? Waking up in the morning? Or are you now bouncing out of bed in the morning with tons of energy?

3. How you feel. 

Are you lethargic? Easily fatigued? Moody? Anxious? All of these are signs your health may not be in alignment.

4. How you look in the mirror. 

This one gets overlooked. A mirror can tell you a lot more about your weight than a scale can. Remember, a scale can't measure the difference between muscle and fat, which can make all the difference in weight loss and body composition. How you look and feel in the mirror is a great measure of how you're doing.

5. How you're performing athletically.

If you're any bit athletic, you know what I’m talking about with this one. Do you have energy? Are you easily fatigued? Are you moving faster? Slower? Are you getting stronger? All of these are indicators of weight loss or gains and have absolutely nothing to do with the scale. Even if you’re not super active pay attention to things such as walking up a flight of stairs, bending down to tie your shoe, even just walking. These actions can tell us a lot about our health.

So there you have it, five ways to tell if you're losing weight and feeling healthy without ever stepping on the scale. Now I give you full permission to toss your scale for good. You’ll be a lot happier without it.

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