10 Reasons To Change Your Perspective & Go Upside Down

Written by Lauren Rudick

I make a point to get upside down every day. It is fun, playful and great for your body and mind. Inversions have so many benefits, but here are 10 of my favorites:

1. Improved blood flow and lymphatic circulation.

Flipping upside down quite literally moves things in a different direction, which helps move blood and lymphatic liquid through the body.

2. Increased core strength.

In order to sustain an inversion, it's crucial to pull in through the midline of the body. Inversions like forearm stand, headstand and handstand can really help to strengthen the deepest muscles of the core.

3. Less stress.

Hello, endorphins! When the feet go over the head, the brain releases feel-good chemicals like serotonin and endorphins. It's also quite difficult to balance upside down when agitated, anxious or stressed. We must calm down in order to get up.

4. Improved focus and concentration.

To sustain an inversion, sustained focus is absolutely necessary in order to keep the body aligned and the mind calm.

5. Promote balance.

Obviously, learning to balance when our bodies are flipped around is a challenging task. Having great balance upside down will certainly improve all aspects of balance when right side up.

6. Greater confidence.

Handstands, headstands, forearm stands can totally make a person feel like a badass. Balancing upside down is a pretty amazing feat; walk tall on your feet or your hands!

7. Increased body awareness.

Ever get into an asana and think, I have no idea where my feet are right now? This happens often in new yoga poses and especially with inversions. Figuring out where the body is in space is a beautiful practice in cultivating spacial awareness.

8. Enhanced focus on the present.

Inversions have the power to bring you into the moment. It's hard to do anything else when upside down! Staying grounded, calm, focused, breathing slowly and remaining present are truly the only ways to stick an upside-down asana.

9. Energized body and mind.

Feeling tired? Use a headstand or handstand to perk up! When the blood rushes to the brain, we feel more awake!

10. Reinvigorated playfulness.

Inversions are fun! Feel like a kid again, play in the grass, do a cartwheel or handstand on the street — bring joy into your life.

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