What Your Chakras Have To Do With Emotions In Yoga

It's been a long day and you're ready to seek solace on your yoga mat – woo-hoo! Forty-five minutes into class, your yoga instructor tells you to swing your right ankle to left wrist, back knee to the floor, top of the back foot to the earth, and swing forward fold into half pigeon. All of a sudden, you start to lose your stuff in the middle of yoga class and.tears start streaming down your face.

What’s going on?

There’s no crying in yoga!

In a society where aesthetics is king, where egocentric yoga teachers show off how they can do handstands and bend themselves into pretzels, we tend to lose sight of the fact that this beautiful physical practice has immense emotional benefits. We forget two simple words: CHAKRA POWER.

Our energy body has two chakra systems: seven astral chakras which correspond to your emotional health and well-being, and nine etheric chakras which correspond to your physical health and well-being.Each one of your asanas corresponds to each one of your nine etheric chakras. When you experience emotions on the mat, you're cleansing the body of emotional energy that has worked its way into your etheric chakras.

How does emotional energy get in your chakras?

We're made up of energy, manifested in a physical form, so we are the sum of our individual collective beliefs, emotions, thought-forms and vibrational frequency.

Over time, emotional energy builds or creates mass in our energy field, producing energetic themes that we experience over and over again. For example, if you grew up in a house full of anger or anxiety, you're likely going to have emotional or behavioral tendencies towards anger and anxiety. The same goes if you grew up surrounded by joy and love.

The cool thing about energy is you can take out your energetic trash. Every experience we have is a co-creation between us and another party (in this case, your yoga instructor) to work through our emotional themes and patterns.

Know that a part of you was at that yoga class to experience a release, to let go of whatever emotions you were holding in your body. Nice work! We only release emotional energy when we're ready!

What's the lesson here? The next time you have an emotional release in yoga, try to be amused by it. Know that you're taking out your energetic garbage so your energy can move more freely to whatever it is in life you are focusing on manifesting.

I hope this helps you uncover the mystery of why tears start flowing in the middle of your yoga flow! Give me a shout on some awesome releases you have had in your yoga classes!

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