Dreams of Africa Funds Relief for Children

As an esteemed partner with World Centers of Compassion for Children International (WCCCI), WhiteFlash.com created a highly successful charitably focused collection known as Dreams of Africa. The partnership came about to meet the vision to build safe and nurturing environments for children who need a second chance in life and to give children affected by the illicit trade of rough diamonds the chance for a brighter tomorrow.

“While other companies offer commercially produced ‘green rings’ and conflict free jewelry, what makes us different is that 100% of our profits go to those who really need help. Our Dreams of Africa are not for partial peace. They are for total peace” said Debi Wexler, CEO of Whiteflash.com.

Wexler along with WCCCI’s founder Betty Williams are jointly working towards building safe and nurturing environments for children “who need a second chance in life. If we start teaching peace at the beginning of these young children’s education, we will help these children to shine like brilliant diamonds for the world.”

The Dream of Africa Collection was developed to inspire youth on a global front by supporting efforts to provide educational opportunities and build stability for those children who have been victimized by the illicit trade of conflict-diamonds throughout the world. Amazingly, which has grabbed the attention of celebs and VIP’s, 100% of all profits from the new Collection goes to support the healthcare and educational development of child victims of conflict diamonds in effected countries. These funds help children who have suffered from blood diamond conflicts in Sierra Leone, Liberia and other African countries.

 “We need consumers to understand that there is a huge difference between blood diamonds and conflict-free diamonds,” said Wexler. “Not all diamonds are ill-gotten. When diamond mining is undertaken in the correct manner, without child labor or government conflict, the profits build infrastructure and serve as a source of livelihood for hundreds of thousands of people. As a socially responsible design company in the diamond industry, we believe it is our duty to support children who have suffered under blood diamond conflicts and to create awareness in order to combat such illicit diamond trade.”

Whiteflash introduced Dreams of Africa to such luminaries as the Dalai Lama and Archbishop Desmond Tutu in September 2006, at the largest-ever gathering of Nobel Peace Prize winners on American soil, where we selected the WCCCI, established by Nobel Laureate Betty Williams. Whiteflash began this endeavor to support the WCCCI’s commitment to providing safe havens and educational opportunities for children. Whiteflash hopes that their Dreams of Africa collection and education on conflict free diamonds will help in the creation and support to provide a second chance for these children to be educated about peace.

Whiteflash.com and WCCCI will work to establish the first learning center, headquartered in Italy, which will provide scholarships for children from Sierra Leone and other locations across Africa, and to instill values of peace and understanding during these children’s early education. Italy’s government donated land to build the learning center.

Whiteflash was the first online jewelry retailer to be awarded membership to The Council for Responsible Jewellery Practices (CRJP).

To learn more about or buy conflict-free diamonds visit Whiteflash.com

 About Us:

Whiteflash is the first company in the U.S. to specialize in the coveted Hearts & Arrows diamond and bring the sheer beauty of “super ideal cut” to the Internet. Debi Wexler, a computer entrepreneur founded Whiteflash in 2000 bringing an expansive selection of loose diamonds to the Internet, including an exclusive brand of Hearts & Arrows. Whiteflash A Cut Above® (ACA) is unmatched in its brilliance, fire and sparkle and remains the only Hearts & Arrows diamond sold online with advertised standards and a “true patterning” guarantee. In addition, Whiteflash offers original handcrafted platinum and gold settings, diamond engagement rings and wedding bands, custom designed engagement rings and diamond jewelry.

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