Do You Spend Too Much Time On People Who Don't Appreciate You?

Written by Jennifer Pastiloff

Ask yourself these questions: Are you spending too much time on people who don't appreciate you? Are you living a congruent life? Who are you surrounding yourself with?

You have to find your tribe. You know, the ones who make you feel the most YOU. The ones who lift you up and help you remember who you really are. The ones who remind you that a blip in the road is just that, a blip, and not to mistake it for an earthquake; and even it were to be an earthquake, they’d be there with the Earthquake Emergency Supply Kit.

They're the ones who, when you walk out of a room, make you feel like a better person than when you walked in. They're the ones who, even if you don’t see them face to face as often as you’d like, you see them heart to heart. You know, that kind of tribe.

Why do we spend time on the people who don’t like us? It's so important that we surround ourselves with people who allow us to shine.

I ask this question in my Manifestation Yoga® Workshops a lot: You are in a room and 99 people love you. One doesn't like you. Do you focus on the 1 or the 99? Most people (not all) say the 1. Fascinating, isn't it?

I wrote about this in an earlier MindBodyGreen piece, but it seems to be such a universal theme that I thought I would vlog about it. I'd love to hear your thoughts on this topic, as usual. Let's continue to surround ourselves with like-minded and loving people.

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