Before You Give Up Your Vegan Diet, Read This!

So I'm reading articles on MBG, blogs and across the internet that people are giving up on their vegan diets due to a whole host of reasons ranging from lethargy to dizziness to everything in between. But before you give up your vegan diet — which has been clinically proven to increase vitality, reverse heart disease, diabetes, prostate cancer, unclog arteries, increase longevity of your lifespan and benefit not only animals, but also the environment — consider the following five questions simply as food for thought.

1. Did you know there is such thing as an unhealthy vegan?

Are you one of them? Be honest with yourself. Is the bulk of your diet processed vegan grub? If so, THAT is why you are lethargic and weak.

2. Do you eat dark leafy greens, a variety of high iron organic beans, nuts, seeds and low glycemic fruits daily?

No, you say? If not, THAT is why you are potentially dizzy, tired and losing the color in your skin.

3. Do you take a B-12 supplement if you've been vegan for several years? 

No? Well hey, THIS may be why you are losing your energy.

4. Do you have any additional health challenges such as hypothyroidism or adrenal fatigue?

It may not be your diet at all!

5. Do you honestly believe that you should go back to the Standard American Diet?

Are you aware that processed meat and dairy are the two seriously causes of cancer? Food for thought.

If your diet isn't working for you (vegan and non-vegan alike), before you throw in the towel, examine first what it is you're consuming daily. Keep a journal and review it at the end of the week. Be honest. If you're eating healthy foods and you still feel ill, go see a naturopath, integrative physician, or other healthcare professional. Find out if you have any health issues. If you've exhausted all the avenues I've mentioned, maybe you need to research other paths of healing — including diet.

Before you give up on what's proven to be the only diet and lifestyle to benefit not only your health but save animals' lives and our environment at the same time, take an inventory of your lifestyle, what foods you're eating and what you can be doing differently.

Want to know if you should you go Keto? Paleo? Whole 30? Deciding what to eat to feel your best shouldn’t be complicated. We’ve removed the guesswork to give you all the best nutrition tips & tools, all in one place. Ready to kickstart your health journey? We’re here to guide you.

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