Where Are All The Students? What To Do When Your Yoga Class Is Empty

It's inevitable. You will show up to the studio all bright eyed and ready to teach. You'll set your props up at the front of the studio, get your badass playlist ready, and bust out your book of quotes for some juicy inspiration at the end of class. And then you will wait. 

Glancing at the clock, you realize it’s almost ten minutes past and you're still alone. Your mind begins whirling with questions. Is it me? Is it the time of the class or the day? Did I not promote enough? You regretfully put the props back on the shelf, unplug your ipod and tuck your quotes away for another day.

But all is not lost! Here are some tips for how to proceed when you find yourself ready to teach but studentless.

1. Teach anyway!

Get your own practice on. If the studio allows you to stay, start your playlist, and rock out to your own rhythm. Use the free time in your schedule to practice teaching the sequence, maybe revise it, or come up with a new sequence for your next class! (Where students WILL show! Start practicing positive affirmations.)

2. Ask for feedback. 

In your next class, encourage students to give you feedback. What did they like about the class? What didn’t they like? Teach a friend or have them observe your class. Ask them to pay attention to tone of voice, adjustments, and the overall vibe of the class. Be open to constructive feedback and watch your practice grow.

3. Work on promotion. 

It can be uncomfortable to self-promote but isn’t it more awkward to sit in an empty studio? Work with your studio owner to create business cards and flyers. Head to social media (free promotion!) to let people know when and where you're teaching and invite the masses.

4. Expand your schedule. 

Offer up a free class in the park or at the beach to expand your reach. You never know who'll show up and love the way you teach! Giving the gift of yoga is not only beneficial for your business, but sharing in your passion will connect you with your community and keep your passion for the practice alive.

5. Stay authentic. 

Remember to stay authentic. It may take a while before your classes pick up or you find your niche. People will be drawn to a genuine instructor. Communicate from the heart with an intention to find success and contentment in your teaching.

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