7 Tips To Make & Eat Simple, Delicious Meals

I’ve been cooking since I was about 10 years old — maybe younger. It’s second nature to me: simple, instinctual. I like to get fancy, but it’s totally not necessary for everyday grub. Not every meal has to be an Iron Chef competition. Cooking should be simple, relaxing and nourishing for your body and mind.

Cooking is a primal instinct; we all have the basic human need to fuel our bodies properly. With shiny food advertisements and Big Pharma drugs flying around every day, it’s hard to remember our basic needs. If we feed ourselves well, we don’t have to resort to pills and potions to mask our health issues.

So what’s the blockage that so many people have around cooking? They think it’s complicated, or incredibly time consuming. It’s not, and I’m here to lift the veil.

Simple home cooking has the ability to completely turn your health around. The only thing you need is yourself and some simple ingredients and tools. So let’s break this down:

1. Shop seasonally. 

Produce that’s in season simply tastes better. You don’t need to mess around with it much to get a fantastic meal. Visit your local farmers' market for seasonal picks, and don’t overcook these gems or drown them in seasoning.

2. Learn to make food taste good.

Some health professionals might tell you that boiling or steaming food are your only options. Guess what? Lightly sautéing fresh food in organic extra virgin olive oil tastes way better, and will not suck the nutrients out. Breathe and sauté.

3. Don’t be afraid of salt.

Real salt. Pure sea salt. The good stuff contains 84 trace elements, minerals and nutrients that our bodies require. Many of my clients have found that sea salt aids adrenal fatigue, digestion and immunity. The best part? It tastes really good.

4. Get some good-quality tools.

Essentials include a non-stick or cast iron pan, large pot with lid, sharp knife, spatula and wooden spoon. These cover the bare minimum. Fun options include a Vitamix, pretty dishware and practical, elegant wine glasses. I love the stemless kind — less breakable. Yes, I break things.

5. Don’t freak out.

Relax, pour yourself a glass of wine if you’re into that, and let cooking be your therapy. If you’re tense and nervous about a recipe, it won't taste as good as if you were calm through the process. It’s just food, and it’s not that hard to make it taste good. It’s all about the pleasure that goes into it.

6. Add some superfoods.

Seaweed? Awesome. Chia seeds? Incredible. Many superfoods don’t have strong flavors, and add amazing nutrient and mineral value to simple meals.

7. Enjoy.

Take the time to sit down, light a candle, and really enjoy your food. Chew slowly, think about the textures and flavors, and appreciate what’s in front of you. When you eat slowly, your brain has time to register that you’re full, and your body responds. It’s a foolproof portion control method. Go slow, and truly savor your food.

Do you cook on a regular basis? If not, what’s stopping you? Are you intimidated, lack time, or confused by recipes? Have a cooking question? I’ve got your back. Hit me up at lulabrownholistics@gmail.com. You can also head over to my website for tons of simple recipes. Cheers!

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