Help! I'm Comfortably Numb!

Comfortably Numb. GREAT song. KILLER guitar solo. I love me some Pink Floyd....

But today I want to talk about the other comfortably numb, the emotion apathy.

When spiritual awakening happens, this (apathy) is the emotional level at which many begin their journey. The good news is you're now conscious of your feelings. The bad news is, you've got some work to do so you can rise.

Many people work jobs they hate, to buy things they don't need, and then go home, turn on the TV and escape. This cycle creates a state of become like a robot without a sense of passion; a slave who has lost the will to escape.

Abraham Hicks talk about this, in vibrational set points. Your dominant emotional state is reflective of your set point.

Emotions can be charted from low to high with the heavy, dis-empowering emotions at the bottom, and the light, empowered emotions at the top:

  • Peace
  • Approval
  • Confidence
  • Arrogance
  • Anger
  • Fear
  • Apathy

So if you find yourself at apathy, what can you do?

1. Give yourself permission to start feeling again.

You can suppress, express, or release emotions. Too much suppression will break you or cause you to lose it later. Too much expression can get you in trouble (i.e. telling people off)...but releasing is simply letting go of the emotion and allowing yourself to rise.

For instance, if you're feeling fear, instead of resisting it, invite it up. Say yes to it, instead of NO! NO! NO! This is the opposite of what most of us do, but it's exactly how to move past it.

Face the feeling of fear, in this moment, and allow it to be. Then, simply take a deep breath and let it go. Drop it. You can also use techniques like EFT to aid you.

2. Connect daily with Source.

Now that you are awake, you will be more aware of your connection or lack of connection with the ONE. Make it a habit to spend time in spiritual practice that strengthens your connection with the ALL. Examples include: meditation, mindfulness practice, releasing, and really any activity you can 'lose yourself' in.

3. Make a decision to be happy now.

Choose to be happy now as your default. You can never "get" happy later through the external, it's always here and now. So choose to be happy without reason, and be gentle and kind to yourself on your spiritual walk through life.

Allow yourself love NOW and let go of wanting and trying so hard to change things. You can release the baggage and heal.

As the Beatles once said "Let it BE."

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