3 Tips For Wild Thing Pose (Video)

Written by Gigi Yogini

Sometimes it's fun to do something new and different during your yoga practice, especially when it has a variety of benefits. Whether you call it Wild Thing, Flipped Dog or Dancer's Bridge, the pose called Camatkarasana is a great heart opener that stretches the thighs and hip flexors, as well as strengthens the shoulders and upper back. It can also help battle fatigue or beat mild depression.

So here are three tips to help you give it a shot.

1. Choose your starting point.

You can start this pose in downward facing dog by lifting your right leg up and bending the knee while opening the hip. Use control to step the right foot behind you while rotating to the outer edge of the left foot. If this feels like too much, you can also start in side plank on the left side and simply step the right behind you to begin.

2. Create a long line of energy.

Really press into your left foot and hand to lift your hips, lengthen the spine and expand your heart center. Rotate the right arm as you reach it overhead. Relax your head and breathe. Feel a long line of energy from your toes to your fingertips in order to experience a full expression of joy.

3. Use core strength and control.

When you transition out of this pose, move slowly. Use your core strength in order to rotate with control as you look at your mat before coming back into plank pose and lifting the hips back to downward facing dog. Feel free to rest in child's pose before trying on the other side.

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