How to Sell Your Dad on Wellness for Father's Day

Most dads (and most dudes, for that matter) aren't exactly into wellness. Though he was into fitness and sports, my dad wasn't exactly into wellness. He played college basketball, played tennis, played racquetball and biked -- and he actually did all of these things very well and competed (and won) until his mid 40s. But did he do things like practice yoga, meditate or eat organic? Not so much.

Though it was 1994 when he passed away unexpectedly, I don't think he even knew what those things were. But if he did, would he still be alive? That, I don't know the answer to. What I do know, however, is that a lot of other dads right now don't know what those things are either. So in lieu of, or in addition to the father's day gift, perhaps try to sell your dad on wellness. Like any good salesman, you have to know your customer, and this is how I'd sell the benefits of wellness to my dad.

Meditation: Does stress reduction sound good to you? What about a spur in creativity? David Lynch meditates and look at all the incredible films he's made. Howard Stern meditates and look at all the money he's made. The Lakers' Andrew Bynum meditates before games. (They just  won the title, too!) Russell Brand meditates and he's marrying Katy Perry. Have you seen Katy Perry?

Yoga: All the great athletes do it: Shaq practices yoga, LeBron James can even do a headstand! Plus, you'll actually get stronger, more flexible and it may even help your lower back pain. (I feel like almost every middle-aged dad I meet has lower back pain.) Plus, there's the female to male ratio -- definitely a win there. (Which your mom might not be too happy about, but this would've surely sold my dad.)

Chakras: Don't lose me now. I'm not going all new-agey on you just yet. What if I told you that the seven chakras in our body are the energy centers in which energy flows through? Blocked energy in any one of your chakras might be the cause of any pain you're experiencing. Remember your lower back issues? If you were more familiar with your chakras you'd know that this lower back pain was probably caused by money worries -- and that by eating red-colored foods and doing a few yoga poses that open up your back like Bridge pose could alleviate this pain?

If You're Gonna Have Meat, Have the Good Stuff: (I'm going to go out on a limb and say that most steakhouses are packed on Father's Day. This certainly would've been my dad's preference for father's day dinner -- and would probably be mine, too). Dad, if you're gonna eat meat, have the good stuff! And when I mean the good stuff I mean grass-fed, organic and as local as you can get it. After all, Dad, it's your day, and you only deserve the best, right? You might even like it, and come back for more.

I don't know about your dad, but the combination of money, attractive women, no back pain and great steak would've surely sold my dad on wellness. I just wish I would have had the opportunity to have sold him on it 16 years ago. Even if these methods aren't exactly noble, what counts is that your dad is sold -- so unlike my dad, he can be around for many, many Father's Days to come.

Originally published at The Huffington Post on Friday June 18, 2010

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