Goal Setting Tips: The 7 P's

Setting goals can often be overwhelming but it's also easier than you think. See our 7 P's of Goal Setting 101 to help you get started:

1. Performance based goals

Saying "I want to lose weight" will not cut it. You need to choose what ideal weight you want to achieve and set a timeframe for when you want to achieve it.

2. Prioritize

Prioritize by separating into big goals and little goals. Think of big goals as your overarching goal, e.g., lose 30 lbs in 3 months, and your little goals as goals that you want to meet on a short term basis, e.g., lose 5 lbs in 2 weeks.

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3. Positive statements

Positive statements are absolutely vital in achieving your goals. If you want to eat healthier and lose weight make a positive statement like "I will eat more fruits" rather than a negative statement "I will not eat refined sugar."

4. Picture it

What do you look like when you are 30 lbs thinner? What type of jeans would you look good in? Picture that image of thinner you before you go to sleep every night. You might even want to make a vision board.

5. Preparation

What are you going to do to lose those 30 lbs? Do you have a particular diet you'd like to follow? How often are you going to workout? What will be your workout schedule?

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6. Passion

Being passionate about achieving your goal is critical in your success. If you're not passionate about losing weight, what are you going to do when you're tempted to skip the gym or eat a doughnut?

7. Put Pen to Paper

Write this all down!

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