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Sandy C. Newbigging

You Are Already Doing a Brilliant Job BEING You!

Contentment comes from knowing you are not your life circumstances. You are not your job title, marital status, nationality or any other label you may...

Sandy C. Newbigging
June 25 2012

3 Steps to Harness the Power of Om to Transform Your Life

You are a natural born miracle maker! Born within every person on the planet is the latent power to intentionally direct consciousness. Transforming...

Sandy C. Newbigging
June 13 2012

Are You Waiting to Be Wanted?

Are you waiting to be wanted? By this I mean, do you feel that your self-worth, confidence, happiness or likability is dependent on the opinions of...

Sandy C. Newbigging
June 11 2012

If You Could Have Anything, What Would It Be?

For the universe to be able to give you what you want, you must first know what it is you want! Now I appreciate this may seem obvious, but it can be...

Sandy C. Newbigging
May 25 2012