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Rebecca Seed

I Need Meds To Feel Normal. And I've Finally Accepted It

I have been taking medication for depression and anxiety for a decade. I don't talk about it much, but I don't have a problem admitting it. Frankly,...

Rebecca Seed
March 26 2015

10 Things I Learned About Myself From Online Dating

I’m a 33-year-old single female living in Los Angeles, and let’s just say, the odds of meeting eligible bachelors under any “normal” circumstances...

Rebecca Seed
April 9 2014

I Almost Quit Teaching Yoga. Here’s Why I Changed My Mind

I've only been teaching yoga for about six months. I didn’t do teacher training to make a career change, so it’s been an interesting year of deciding...

Rebecca Seed
January 20 2014

How I'm Working Through A Yoga Rut

Sometimes I get into a yoga funk. It’s true. I don’t like to write those words down. After all, I am a yoga teacher. But when it comes to my own...

Rebecca Seed
August 26 2013

5 Ways to Maximize What’s Left of Summer

Summer has always been my favorite time of year. My mood is very sensitive to the weather, and growing up in Massachusetts, you can imagine I had some...

Rebecca Seed
August 12 2013

So Long, Scale!

About four years ago, my body’s metabolism started to change, and in order not to throw myself off a cliff, I decided to put my scale away for good. I...

Rebecca Seed
July 25 2013

How Teaching Yoga Humbled Me To The Core

There have been two fairly big changes to my yoga practice in recent months. The first is that I began practicing Ashtanga fairly vigorously, after...

Rebecca Seed
July 19 2013

Sweet! How I Nailed Teaching My First Yoga Class

The day was imminent, and I was not happy about it. When I get nervous about something, I get grouchy. I don’t want to talk about it, or be around...

Rebecca Seed
July 11 2013

Why I Gave Up My Vegan Diet

I became a vegan last fall when I began yoga teacher training. It was something I'd wanted to try for a long time, and teacher training seemed like a...

Rebecca Seed
June 20 2013

Is Self-Help Being Shoved Down Our Throats?

Believe in yourself!” “You ARE enough!” “Love is all you need!

Rebecca Seed
June 13 2013

If I Never Teach a Yoga Class, I’ll Still Be Glad I Did Teacher Training

I completed yoga teacher training through YogaWorks in December of last year. I still haven’t taught a public class. And I’m okay with that.

Rebecca Seed
June 6 2013

Why The Sister-Sister Relationship Might Be The Hardest One Of All

I love my sister more than anything, but like any relationship, we’ve had our ups and downs. From tattletale rants to our parents as kids, to crying...

Rebecca Seed
May 30 2013

How Yoga Gave My Ego A Smackdown

In 1992, I watched Kristi Yamaguchi win the Olympic gold medal in figure skating. I was 11 years old. That night I told my mother I wanted to start...

Rebecca Seed
May 16 2013

Why I'm Happy To Be 33, Single & Poor

I remember when I turned 25. Something small inside me panicked. A tiny switch was flipped and I realized I was no longer in my “early 20s.” I wasn’t...

Rebecca Seed
May 10 2013

I'm Learning That Imperfection Is OK Sometimes

Yesterday my sister said to me, “All or nothing is better than nothing at all.” She’s right. I was coming down hard on myself for skipping Ashtanga...

Rebecca Seed
May 2 2013

My Mantra Before My Upcoming Yoga Teaching Audition

I’m in that camp of people who believe talking about something before it actually happens is sort of bad luck. You know, like keeping that big job...

Rebecca Seed
April 25 2013

Are You Making Time To Rest And Play?

I recently did a 21-day guided meditation, and on day 17, the message was about taking time out for ourselves. The mantra was: “Through rest and play,...

Rebecca Seed
April 18 2013

Why I’m Ditching Sleep For Yoga

I get a LOT of sleep. Probably way too much for a 32-year-old woman. The truth is, I love to sleep. I love to snuggle under my covers, with an eye...

Rebecca Seed
April 11 2013

I Can’t Push Myself Through The Doors Of An Ashtanga Class

I've never taken an Ashtanga class, but I've wanted to for a long time. I’ve been practicing yoga consistently for over two years now, and even...

Rebecca Seed
April 4 2013

I Got Eczema. Now What?

I consider myself blessed when it comes to my overall health. I've never had a major setback that’s prevented me from going about my life. In fact, I...

Rebecca Seed
March 21 2013