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Molly Patrick

Veganism Versus A Whole Food Plant-Based Diet: What's The Difference?

A vegan diet is not the same thing as a whole food plant-based diet. I’m going to make this super easy for you and break it down.

Molly Patrick
March 11 2016

10 Simple Plant-Based Meals To Whip Up In 15 Minutes Or Less

Most people who have yet to master the art of healthy eating are under the impression that putting nutrient-rich food in their body is a time...

Molly Patrick
December 5 2015

4 Simple Ways To Ditch Food Guilt & Stay Balanced During The Holidays

The end of the year is filled with fun distractions pulling you in every direction; parties, booze, food covered in gravy, late nights, pies, whipped...

Molly Patrick
December 1 2015

How To Eat Better (Without Feeling Like You're Trying)

It’s safe to say that we have all gotten variations of the memo confirming that eating lots of whole plant foods is an important step in keeping the...

Molly Patrick
October 18 2015

4 Steps To Easy Batch Cooking

Incorporating plant-based foods into your diet is easy, as long as you put in some time to prepare. If you make — a pot of soup, a batch of beans, a...

Molly Patrick
March 8 2015

8 Things I'd Tell My Grandparents About Protein

I grew up in a teepee in New Mexico and it's fair to say that my upbringing was different than most. We had an outhouse, no indoor plumbing, T.V. or...

Molly Patrick
December 3 2014

Gluten-Free Cacao Brownies!

Brownies should be a natural part of life. With this recipe, they can be.

Molly Patrick
September 3 2014

Better Than Tortillas! Blanch Collard Greens To Use As Wraps

There may not be a perfect gluten-free tortilla, but whether you care about gluten-free or not, using blanched collard leaves in place of tortillas...

Molly Patrick
August 17 2014

Creamy Cashew-Dill Dressing That's Great On Any Salad!

After you make this, you will never choose store-bought dressing again. It has zero oil, and it’s incredibly easy to make. Huge green salads will soon...

Molly Patrick
August 6 2014

9 Tricks To Eat Healthier (No Matter How Busy You Are)

Whatever diet you follow, these nine tactical tips will supercharge it and give you a huge nutrient boost. Paleo, vegan. gluten-free, local — whatever...

Molly Patrick
July 19 2014

This Is The Mother Of All Vegan Mac-N-Cheese Recipes

One of the best tricks to making something creamy and smooth without using milk, butter or oil is to use raw cashews that have been soaked in water.

Molly Patrick
July 4 2014

7 Tricks To Help You Cook Delicious Plant-Based Meals

There are thousands of reasons to eat more whole plant foods and not one to eat less. I know it can be a hard transition going from chips and cookies...

Molly Patrick
June 22 2014

Gluten-Free Eggplant Lasagna

Cheers to honoring our body like the temple that it is, by feeding it pure, clean food. Because if you feel like crap, all of the magic of life seems...

Molly Patrick
June 12 2014

Perfect Salad Topping: Sesame & Citrus Slaw

It's time to put away the pills and make plants boss. It will make you feel better period. Here's a recipe to start you on your way.

Molly Patrick
June 6 2014

Perfect Vegan Brunch: Savory Chickpea Crepes

Cheers to food that’s clean, while at the same time, satisfies that urge to bite directly into a baguette. You really can have both. Here’s how.

Molly Patrick
June 1 2014

Vegan Black Bean Burgers Just In Time For Summer

I was talking with my father on the phone last week, and he told me, “Molly, anyone who likes regular burgers and trying to eat better should try...

Molly Patrick
May 24 2014

Gluten-Free Breakfast Cereal With Banana, Blueberries & Walnuts

The routine of mornings is a sacred dance that prepares us for our day. While we’re going through the steps of our morning moves, let’s not forget to...

Molly Patrick
May 20 2014

Vegan Smoked Cheddar Spread

Cheers to humming in the kitchen while turning single ingredients into magic for the palate.

Molly Patrick
May 13 2014

Garlic Quinoa With Ginger-Coriander Sauce

Cheers to hearty food that won't give you indigestion and comfort food that won't put you in a food coma. This dish is the perfect balance of hearty...

Molly Patrick
May 8 2014

Vegan Chickpea "Egg Salad" Served Over Kale

Sometimes you need inspiration for healthy meals to throw in the mix. I’m here to give you bursts of inspiration and kale. Don’t worry, I got you...

Molly Patrick
May 2 2014