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Michael T. Murray

You've Heard Gratitude Is Good For You. Here's What Science Says

A growing body of scientific work shows that gratitude and kindness are traits that lead to higher levels of well-being. People who are grateful and...

Michael T. Murray
March 29 2015

7 Tips For Better Communication In All Of Your Relationships

A major cause of stress for most people is the realm of interpersonal relationships. Whether with your partner, at home with family members, with...

Michael T. Murray
December 14 2014

12 Signs Your Blood Sugar Is Out Of Whack

Blood sugar, or glucose, is one of the best things Mother Nature ever provided us with. It's one component of your body chemistry that helps you feel...

Michael T. Murray
October 31 2014

6 Basic Steps To Get Started Exercising

Exercise is an important part of any health plan and an excellent way of keeping your immune system in shape as well. While most people know that...

Michael T. Murray
October 20 2014

7 Time-Management Tricks To Reduce Your Stress

One of the biggest stressors for most people is time. We simply don't feel we have enough of it. In fact, most of us do have enough time — we are just...

Michael T. Murray
September 17 2014

6 Powerful (But Simple!) Tools To Cope With Stress

Whether you're aware of it or not, you have a pattern for coping with stress. Unfortunately, most people have found patterns and methods that do not...

Michael T. Murray
August 21 2014

7 Questions To Ask Yourself Every Day For A Better Life

You will be amazed at how powerful questions can be in your life. Let's look at the following example: an individual is met with a particular...

Michael T. Murray
April 14 2014

3 Juice Recipes To Help You Enjoy Heart-Healthy Pomegranate

The pomegranate is one of the oldest fruits in recorded history. Native to the area of modern-day Iran and Iraq, the pomegranate has been cultivated...

Michael T. Murray
February 3 2014

Simple Tips To Detoxify Your Body

Detoxification of harmful substances in the body is a continual process, and it doesn't have to be unpleasant. Actually, the best approach may be to...

Michael T. Murray
December 26 2013

4 Herbs & Spices To Boost Your Juice's Healing Power

Many fruits and vegetables have powerful healing properties for specific illnesses, and for boosting immune function in general. However,...

Michael T. Murray
December 8 2013

7 Common Misconceptions About Juicing

Juicing has been around since countertop appliances became popular in the 1950s and '60s. Today, raw juice bars are everywhere, and lots of people own...

Michael T. Murray
November 22 2013

Can Caffeine Worsen Depression And Anxiety?

Caffeinated drinks—such as coffee, tea, soda, and energy drinks—pep you up temporarily, but they may have a more insidious effect. They may worsen...

Michael T. Murray
October 31 2013

4 Natural Ways To Promote Healing From Sports Injuries

After a sports injury or sprain, immediate first aid is very important. The acronym RICE summarizes the approach:

Michael T. Murray
September 29 2013

Should Tylenol Be Banned?

Most people consider Tylenol (acetaminophen) a benign pain reliever that's safe enough to give to their kids. That's a misconception. The reality is...

Michael T. Murray
August 30 2013

9 Natural Ways To Treat Periodontal Disease

Periodontal disease is an inflammatory condition of the gums and support structures in the mouth. It causes bad breath and bleeding of the gums when...

Michael T. Murray
August 1 2013

A Promising New Supplement For ADHD Sufferers

Scientists are encouraged by new research showing that a chemical found in our brains called phosphatidylserine, or PS for short, might be able to...

Michael T. Murray
July 8 2013

3 Healthy Reasons To Enjoy Chocolate Every Day

Is there such a thing as a guilt-free pleasure when it comes to food? Absolutely, and chocolate is one of them. This delectable, seemingly addictive...

Michael T. Murray
June 10 2013

5 Ways To Bounce Back Quickly After Anesthesia

What you may not know is that there are safe, effective ways to prepare for — and recover from — anesthesia.

Michael T. Murray
May 28 2013

6 Natural Ways To Reduce Cholesterol

Elevated cholesterol increases the risk of death due to cardiovascular disease. It's currently recommended that total blood cholesterol (your "bad"...

Michael T. Murray
May 17 2013

Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Probiotics

Lots of patients ask me about probiotics. They know what antibiotics are, but they don't really know what probiotics are for, when they should be...

Michael T. Murray
April 29 2013