Lula Brown

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Lula Brown is a Certified Health Coach and Private Chef based in New York City. She works with women and men to get to the root of health issues, rather than masking them with a quick fix. She tailors nutrition and lifestyle programs to meet individual needs and goals, catering to a wide span of allergies and dietary restrictions. She also provides cooking classes and private chef services. Her systems result in ultimate health, happiness and functionality.

She received formal training in nutrition from The Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York City, where she studied with nutrition experts like Dr. Frank Lipman, Dr. Andrew Weil, Joshua Rosenthal, Dr. David Katz and Walter Willet, MD, DrPH. Lula operates on the fact that no two people are identical, and each individual requires a unique food and lifestyle plan, tailored to their specific body type.

Lula is an avid runner, biker and yogi, and always loves experimenting with new forms of exercise when she's not in the kitchen. She contributes to MindBodyGreen, Creem, Aura Cacia's Cayenne Room, and has written for the online and print editions of Time Out New York and Teen Vogue.





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