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Lizzy Williamson

The 10-Minute Workout You Can Do With A Kitchen Prop You Already Own

It may feel easy at first, but after a few sets you'll definitely work up a sweat.

Lizzy Williamson
June 16 2016

A 2-Minute Workout You Can Do At Your Kitchen Counter

If I’m ever feeling upset, frustrated, or bored, I'm usually drawn to the fridge or pantry. I start looking for something to eat even if I’m not...

Lizzy Williamson
November 10 2015

3 Core Moves You Can Do With Two Kitchen Towels

You don't need fancy equipment or a lot of time to get a good workout in. For this fitness sequence, just grab two old dish towels and get started....

Lizzy Williamson
September 25 2015

A 2-Minute Workout You Can Do While Killing Time (Video)

Do you ever get to the end of your day and you realize you didn't have time to exercise? You simply could not find that hour in your day to fit in a...

Lizzy Williamson
May 16 2015

A 2-Minute Energy-Boosting Workout You Can Do Anywhere

You know that point in the afternoon when you start to fade? When your energy levels seem so low it feels like there's no possible way you can make it...

Lizzy Williamson
March 16 2015

No Time? A 2-Minute Workout You Can Do While You're Sitting

Many of us struggle to fit exercise into our daily routines. In my fifteen years as personal trainer, "I don't have time" is the number one thing I...

Lizzy Williamson
February 25 2015

A 2-Minute Workout To Get Yourself Moving Every Day

Do you ever find yourself reaching into the fridge when you're not actually hungry? Many of us struggle with emotional eating, unhealthy snacking,...

Lizzy Williamson
January 26 2015

A 2-Minute, Equipment-Free Workout You Can Do In Your Kitchen

You've probably heard or read about how a short amount of exercise done at a high intensity is a super-effective way to get results. Perfect for those...

Lizzy Williamson
January 10 2015