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Lisa Arends

What Fuels Your Life?

Everything requires fuel. We pour gas into our cars, put food in our bellies, and burn coal to heat our homes. But what fuel drives your life? Our...

Lisa Arends
September 20 2012

Green Gingersnap Smoothie

This is an amazing post-workout smoothie with carbohydrates and protein to refuel tired muscles. The spinach and molasses contain lots of...

Lisa Arends
September 7 2012

8 Ways Yoga Supported Me Through Divorce

Three years ago, I suffered a tsunami divorce, an unexpected trauma that left me dazed and confused on the shattered shore of my life. Yoga was and...

Lisa Arends
August 1 2012

The Nascent Yogi

Each week, as I walk into my favorite yoga class, I enter fresh and naïve. All traces of the guise of “teacher,” the label I usually carry around, are...

Lisa Arends
July 21 2012

You Are a Renewable Resource

There are times in life when it feels as though you are at the bottom of the barrel, used up and worn out. The needle is edging towards empty, and...

Lisa Arends
July 19 2012

Taking Out Your Mental Trash

We are all too aware of what happens if we neglect to take out the garbage in our homes: the cans overflow, the flies move in, and the offensive odors...

Lisa Arends
July 15 2012