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Lauren Eckstrom

5 Breathing Exercises To Increase Focus

Yogic breathing helps you reconnect to your body and shift your awareness away from the chatter in your mind.

Lauren Eckstrom
February 18 2016

5 Things Yoga Can Teach You About Being In An Intimate Relationship

Whether you practice yoga with or without your partner, the ancient teachings of yoga can greatly support and help sustain a healthy, positive and...

Lauren Eckstrom
February 11 2014

Vulnerability Is NOT A Secret-Sharing-Free-For-All

As yoga teachers and spiritual leaders, it can be tricky in our social media-obsessed, Miley Cyrus-twerking, exhibitionist culture to figure out how...

Lauren Eckstrom
September 9 2013

5 Rules of Etiquette for Yoga Teachers

As our community of yoga teachers continues to grow, it is increasingly important we work together in ways that respect our differences while...

Lauren Eckstrom
August 28 2012

5 Unexpected Things Yoga Will Teach You

When I first began practicing yoga ten years ago, I was a listless college student with limited body awareness and zero athletic ability. Toward the...

Lauren Eckstrom
July 20 2012