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Julianna Raye

What President Obama Said When I Asked Him About Mindfulness

When I met President Obama the other day, I introduced myself as a mindfulness meditation trainer. His immediate response was, "I need that!"

Julianna Raye
October 14 2014

3 Skills To Take Your Meditation Practice To The Next Level

No matter what meditation practice you do, you want to make sure your practice is both restorative and strengthening. It’s easy to get caught in a...

Julianna Raye
June 14 2014

How Meditation Helped Me Deal With Loneliness

I’ve struggled with loneliness a lot. I live in Los Angeles by myself, far from my family in New Jersey. I don’t have a family of my own, and I’ve...

Julianna Raye
May 29 2014

Why I Stuck With Zen (And Why I'm Happy I Did)

At the end of my first Zen retreat, I was convinced it would be my last. As a friend drove me home I told her, “It’s just not my style.” I was being...

Julianna Raye
March 28 2014

How Meditation Helps You Give & Receive More Love

I don’t know when gratitude started seeping into my daily routine. It seems to have sneaked up on me. Now, on most days, I find myself marveling at my...

Julianna Raye
March 6 2014

How Mindfulness Helps You See What's Missing (And Why You'd Want To)

In Basic Mindfulness (the system of Mindfulness I teach) there’s a term called “Gone.” Gone refers to any moment of partial or complete disappearance...

Julianna Raye
February 20 2014

Why I Love That Meditation's Going Mainstream

Today, I’m feeling grateful. It’s 100 degrees in Hollywood and my apartment has no air conditioning, but I’m seated comfortably in a cool co-working...

Julianna Raye
September 13 2013

The Common Belief That's Preventing Your Happiness

Most people don’t realize it, but there’s an experience you have every day, many times a day, which has the potential to nourish your body, mind and...

Julianna Raye
September 4 2013

10 Habits To Make You A Great Meditator

Any time you actually sit down to practice meditation, you’re doing it successfully! But because meditation is an inner process, there’s lots of room...

Julianna Raye
August 21 2013

Why Mindfulness Is Actually Magic, Plain & Simple

When I was a kid I watched I Dream of Jeannie or Bewitched with a sense of wonder and excitement. I can even remember closing the door to the TV room,...

Julianna Raye
August 15 2013

Having Trouble Meditating? 8 Tips To Make Your Practice Last

I’m lucky. The first time I sat down to meditate, I had a good experience right off the bat. I liked the process. It didn’t give me exactly what I...

Julianna Raye
July 31 2013

Is Silence Really Necessary During A Meditation Retreat?

There’s an air of mystery surrounding meditation retreats. For many people, the mystery is why anyone would ever go on one! When people find out that...

Julianna Raye
July 24 2013

Why It Takes Work To Appreciate Pleasure

On the first mindfulness retreat I ever did, I experienced a level and quality of bliss my body and mind had never known before. After all these...

Julianna Raye
July 17 2013

Why Mindfulness Can Make Life More Painful

Let’s face it, most of us start meditating out of quiet desperation! Ok, I’ll speak for myself: That’s how I got into it. I struggled with anxiety and...

Julianna Raye
July 10 2013

How I Healed My Chronic Back Pain (Naturally!)

My friend Lynne’s back is tweaking, so she asked me to write about how I recovered from 2 1/2 years of chronic back pain using a combination of...

Julianna Raye
July 4 2013

5 Goals You Should Shoot For With A Mindfulness Practice

It always amazes me how quick people are to judge themselves if they’ve tried meditating and didn’t drop into ecstatic transcendence on the first go....

Julianna Raye
June 21 2013

How Mindfulness Can Make A Terrible Conversation Worthwhile

It was a beautiful day for a hike up to the Hollywood sign. One of my favorite features of living in L.A. is being able to take long walks in the...

Julianna Raye
June 13 2013

11 Ways To Make Your Mindfulness Practice Stick

When the fact that I teach mindfulness comes up in conversation, a frequent response is “Oh, I LOVE meditating... but I can’t get myself to practice.”...

Julianna Raye
June 5 2013

Mindfulness Is A Fake Smile At Whole Foods

About five years into practicing meditation, I had an experience that gave me a clear perspective on how it was improving my life. For as long as I...

Julianna Raye
May 29 2013

How Mindfulness Turned My Day Job Into A Retreat

Years ago, I had a job working as a personal assistant. In the grand scheme of things, it was a great job because I was treated respectfully and my...

Julianna Raye
May 17 2013