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Jo Beth Richards

8 Mantras To Help You Develop A Better Relationship With Money

Let’s face it: sometimes our relationship with money is a less-than-glamorous one. Money is the thing that stresses us out the most. And in a creeping...

Jo Beth Richards
February 21 2014

5 Affirmations To Inspire Positivity Every Day

Each morning that we wake up is a new opportunity to begin again, to shift, to grow. But sometimes we forget that we greet the day with frustration or...

Jo Beth Richards
October 9 2013

How To Deal With Every Annoying Person You Meet

I'm going to be honest with you: I don't like everyone I meet. And I bet you don't either. Sometimes in life you come across someone who's not having...

Jo Beth Richards
July 21 2013

Has Instant Gratification Left You Un-Gratified?

In my last article Spring Clean Your Soul, I shared one of my favorite quotes, "God uses a Crockpot, not a microwave." It's funny but very true, and...

Jo Beth Richards
April 16 2013

Spring Clean Your Soul

We all know that now is a great time to some spring cleaning: re-evaluate what we need and what we're ready to let go of. But what about...

Jo Beth Richards
March 25 2013

5 Risks That Are Always Worth Taking

Life is short and brilliant. Don't let fear of the unknown hold you back, tap into your courage and walk into the unknown with an open heart.

Jo Beth Richards
March 9 2013

5 Reasons You Are Not A Victim

Well, crap happens. As unfortunate as that is, it is the truth. This life is imperfect and flawed. And with imperfections come storms, and rain, and...

Jo Beth Richards
February 8 2013

You Don't Have To Like Everyone, But You Do Need To Do This...

The desire to be liked is something that runs deep within our veins, and the desire to like everyone around us is something we tend to think of as...

Jo Beth Richards
January 6 2013

Be Thankful for a Sh*t Show

So, you feel like you're in the middle of a shit show? Everything in your life seems to be spinning out of control and your feet seem to be unable to...

Jo Beth Richards
December 14 2012

Yes, You Can Start a Home Yoga Practice!

I know how you feel, it was hard for me to begin a home practice, too! And sometimes, it is still an effort.

Jo Beth Richards
November 18 2012

3 Ways to Stay Hungry

We all get tired. Life gets hard and sometimes we feel like our hard work isn’t paying off. In those moments of doubt, we can’t forget why we need to...

Jo Beth Richards
November 13 2012

3 Reasons Why Change is Good

Change can be scary, but it doesn't have to be...

Jo Beth Richards
October 12 2012

20 Things About You That Are Beautiful

You are beautiful, and here are 20 reasons why…

Jo Beth Richards
September 17 2012

5 Life Lessons From Olympians

The Olympics have come, and soon they will be gone. And although the sweat, joy, and body glitter (thank you gymnastics!) may fade, the glory will...

Jo Beth Richards
August 10 2012

4 Ways to Take Yoga Off the Mat & Into Your Heart

All of us reading this article have probably practiced yoga, right? We have moved through practice with our bodies, minds, and hearts. We have felt...

Jo Beth Richards
July 26 2012

6 Reasons Why You Should Smile

Having a bad day? Here are six reasons why you should smile:

Jo Beth Richards
July 11 2012

Why Integrity Means More

"A mode of conduct, a standard of courage, discipline, fortitude and integrity can do a great deal to make a woman beautiful." - Jacqueline Bisset

Jo Beth Richards
June 21 2012

Are You a Self-Deprecator?

Are you a self-deprecator? When you look in the mirror do you automatically see your flaws, criticize your curves, or mourn over your fine lines?

Jo Beth Richards
June 7 2012