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Jennifer White

Drink Wine, Eat Ice Cream & 5 Other Things I Want My Kids To See Me Do

Have you ever tried to go to the bathroom with someone leaning on your leg? Because that’s motherhood: it's as if there are never any secrets from...

Jennifer White
May 26 2015

6 Quick Yoga Moves For Neck Pain & TMJ Relief

If you suffer from temporomandibular joint dysfunction, commonly known as TMJ, then you know as well as I do how painful and frustrating it can be.

Jennifer White
February 24 2015

10 Reasons Why Having a Sister Rocks

In the first grade, I paid my twin sister a dollar to do my math homework. The next day at school we sat in a small group going over our answers. I...

Jennifer White
October 26 2012

7 Ways to Be Less Selfish

I’ve always considered myself to be a fairly selfish person. I think it’s unfortunately easy to be this way. Our society promotes individuality (which...

Jennifer White
October 23 2012

10 Things to Do When You Get a Cold

Fall is that wonderful time of year when being chilly is welcome and not yet a burden. It’s a time for homemade soups, yummy squash and healthy walks...

Jennifer White
October 3 2012

5 Ways to Advance Your Upward Dog

Yoga postures become increasingly more complex as you advance in your practice. I think many yogis (and non-yogis) incorrectly assume that the more...

Jennifer White
October 2 2012

7 Things Every Parent Should Remember

Being a parent can be so hard. Everyone tells you that it’s the most challenging job out there, but it’s difficult to fully understand until you’re in...

Jennifer White
September 28 2012

7 Ways to Celebrate Fall

I love fall. The air turns crisp; the leaves begin to change colors and football’s on TV. There are so many wonderful things to do when the weather...

Jennifer White
September 24 2012

20 Ways to Reinvigorate Yourself

Here are 20 ways to feel renewed—body, mind and spirit. I hope you enjoy this list—and keep adding to it.

Jennifer White
September 19 2012

5 Ways to Heal Your Knee Chakras

Lately I’ve found myself dealing with situations that are not within my realm of control. Ironically, when this happens I respond by being overly...

Jennifer White
September 12 2012

Argan Oil: A Perfect Product for Great Skin & Hair

I’ve been hooked on argan oil for my hair for months. If you read my blogs, you’ll recall that back in May I went from platinum hair back to my...

Jennifer White
September 4 2012

5 Ways Your Feet Can Deepen Your Yoga Practice

My feet get the credit for my consistent yoga practice. Once upon a time, I was a part-time yogi, full-time runner and frequent weight lifter. I...

Jennifer White
August 28 2012

6 Home Practice Tips for Yoga Moms

My little girl just turned two years old. She’s old enough to have her own interests (playing her xylophone, listening to music, dancing) and dislikes...

Jennifer White
August 24 2012

5 Things Kids Teach Adults

I can’t believe that my little lady is turning two. Everyone tells you that time flies when you have children, but you can never completely understand...

Jennifer White
August 21 2012

Got Monkey Mind?

Let’s face it, not all coping mechanisms are healthy. Some of us drink too much wine or exercise too much; still others use drugs or abuse food; and...

Jennifer White
August 15 2012

5 Reasons to Be Honest in Love

Recently a friend of a friend called me “fake” for still working on—and struggling—with some of the subject matter of my blogs. For the record, I’m...

Jennifer White
August 12 2012

18 Ways to Be Romantic

In celebration of dating my husband for 18 years, here’s a list of 18 ways to be romantic.

Jennifer White
August 1 2012