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Jennifer Mielke

"Fearlessness" Is A Myth: Learn To Control Your Fear Instead

When we stop trying to dismiss or fight our fears of what could go wrong, we create room for everything that can go right.

Jennifer Mielke
March 24 2016

Teaching Kids To Share Is Tricky. Here's How I Did It

Is forcing our children to share with others really the right approach? Instead, I've used these three tips to naturally increase my son's willingness...

Jennifer Mielke
February 14 2016

9 Mindful Holiday Gift Ideas That Your Kids Will Actually Enjoy

For parents concerned about conscious consumption and instilling a family culture of "less is more," the holidays can be a tricky time.

Jennifer Mielke
December 5 2015

How I'm Raising My Kid With Minimal Screen Time In This Tech-Crazy World

It's official: My son has made it to 2.5 years old without getting hooked on television or screen time. Some days I wear this like a badge of honor....

Jennifer Mielke
August 27 2015

What A "Successful Marriage" Looks Like

Like any couple, my husband and I have had plenty of ups and downs. A long distance relationship, demanding careers, parental needs, and then becoming...

Jennifer Mielke
August 12 2015

Why We Should Get In The Habit Of Telling Moms They're Hot

Very recently I was at a pool party with another mom and our sons. This was not a kiddy-party, but the hosts graciously welcomed our kiddos to the...

Jennifer Mielke
May 15 2015

How I Stay Stylish Now That I'm A Mom

Before I became a mom, my style was a huge part of my identity. Image was everything in my original career (acting), and I spent a few years working...

Jennifer Mielke
May 4 2015

5 Easy Ways To Preserve Your Health & The Planet At The Same Time

When it comes to making healthy choices or living a sustainable lifestyle, it's easy to get caught up in the idea that you'll have to change...

Jennifer Mielke
April 17 2015

3 Key Practices To Raise Kids Without Getting Too Worked Up

I was running late. It was winter, and I live in New York City, so of course there was a blizzard happening. We had a ferry to catch, and if we missed...

Jennifer Mielke
March 20 2015