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James Swanwick

I Didn't Drink For 30 Days. Here's How I Did It + Why It Changed My Life

For most of my adult life, alcohol was part of my routine: some wine after work to relax, a few drinks to celebrate special events, wild weekend...

James Swanwick
October 1 2017

53 Fun Things To Do This Summer (That Don't Involve Alcohol)

I have more fun not drinking than I ever did when drinking.

James Swanwick
June 17 2016

Why Dating Sober Is Better Than The Alternative (And 11 Tips To Do It This Weekend)

I was a social drinker until 2010 when I tried the 30-Day No-Alcohol Challenge. After that, I quit alcohol cold turkey. Until that point, my dates had...

James Swanwick
December 12 2015

Your Guide To Avoiding A Hangover: What To Do Before, During & After Drinking Alcohol

It’s the holiday rush. You’re struggling to keep up with those end-of-year deadlines and buying that perfect gift for Grandma. So you forget to eat...

James Swanwick
December 11 2015