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James Maskell

6 Great Reasons To Go Camping!

Camping is a very popular pastime all over the world, especially in the United States, where an estimated 40 million people go camping each year....

James Maskell
August 20 2014

Healthy-ish Summer Cocktail! Spicy Watermelon Margarita

If you wanted to create the healthiest Summer cocktail, what should you put in it?

James Maskell
August 15 2014

Hate Exercise But Love To Dance? Try Conscious Clubbing

If you're like me, it is not always that easy to motivate yourself to go exercise. Some say it's a question of mind over matter, but recently I had...

James Maskell
July 5 2014

How Diet, Leaky Gut & Drugs Are Depriving You Of Nutrients

Our understanding of how nutrient depletion leads to disease has been developing since sailors were getting scurvy and rickets centuries ago. Those...

James Maskell
April 14 2014

4 Reasons To Think Twice Before Taking Medicine For A Fever

Getting a fever is definitely uncomfortable: the sweats, the mucus, the fatigue, the aches ... we’ve all been there. As a society, we've viewed this...

James Maskell
February 25 2014

Giving Up Gluten? Why You Should Say Hello To Sourdough

Although only a small percentage of Americans have celiac disease, many more are actively trying to reduce their gluten intake. The reasons for this...

James Maskell
January 24 2014

Why You Should Try Putting Butter In Your Coffee

There's been a lot of talk in the news recently about fat. Trans fats are getting banned, statins are getting pushed and at the same time, our...

James Maskell
December 2 2013

Beyond Gluten Free: What Novak Djokovic Eats To Be #1 In The World

With the U.S. Open starting in New York this week, all eyes are on the tennis world again, particularly Novak Djokovic, ranked No. 1 in the world....

James Maskell
August 27 2013

The Cutting-Edge Science Changing Everything We Know About Health

Of all the areas of research in medicine and wellness, the most fascinating right now is germs: the ones that live on us and inside us. We've all...

James Maskell
August 2 2013

What's The Best Way To Add Probiotics To Your Diet?

Probiotics have become more than a buzzword in our increasingly health-conscious society. We're slowly coming around to the fact that germs are all...

James Maskell
June 3 2013

Mercury Concerns? We've Got Bigger Fish To Fry!

It has become clear to anyone paying attention that we have a slight mercury problem in modern society. This heavy metal is a proven neurotoxin, yet...

James Maskell
May 16 2013

Top 10 Probiotic Foods To Add To Your Diet

I'm a big fan of developing a more respectful relationship with the germs that live in and around us. After all, they help us with our digestion,...

James Maskell
May 2 2013

The Secret To Better Digestion, Immunity & Metal Detoxification

We are all looking for the magic bullet: that one simple, easy thing we can all do that will greatly improve our health. Some find it in recipes and...

James Maskell
April 24 2013

Is It Time To Reevaluate The 5-Second Rule?

Have you heard of the "five-second rule?" You might know it as anywhere from the one-second rule to the 10-second rule depending on local and...

James Maskell
April 18 2013

5 Ways Your Dog Keeps You And Your Family Healthy

Dogs have long been referred to as man’s best friend, but new research is showing that in addition to the companionship a dog traditionally offers,...

James Maskell
April 4 2013

Why Breast Milk Is Nature’s Original Superfood

It's strange that something as fundamentally human as breast feeding could go "out of fashion," but toward the end of the last century, the number of...

James Maskell
March 29 2013

Finally, A Great Reason To Love Your Appendix!

When I was a child, I was taught that the appendix was a vestigial organ, meaning that it had lost its function as we evolved. We no longer eat grass,...

James Maskell
March 14 2013

Why You Need To Open A Window At Home & At Work (Yes, Even in Winter)

Ever heard the old adage let’s get some fresh air in here? It's what we say when the house feels stuffy, or when we're sick. But how does that jive...

James Maskell
March 7 2013

Why Everything We Were Taught About Digestion, Metabolism & Immunity Is Wrong (Infographic)

For years, the thinking around weight loss was as simple as "calories in, calories out." Well, new research is showing that it's way more complicated...

James Maskell
February 28 2013