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Irene Ross

Are Hormones To Blame For Your Lack Of Sleep?

Are you lying awake at night? Your hormones could be to blame.

Irene Ross
March 22 2017

Why You're Gaining Weight Despite Your Herculean Efforts To Lose It

Trying to lose some extra pounds? I'm sure you know the drill: eat lots of vegetables (like leafy greens and beets) and fruit (like grapefruit and...

Irene Ross
December 6 2013

6 Ways To Eat Healthy On A Tight Budget

Think again if you assume you can't eat healthfully if you're broke. Just use a little creativity, planning, shopping smarts and ingenuity and you'll...

Irene Ross
October 11 2013

Want To Relax, Recharge & Heal Yourself? Go Barefoot!

The health and wellness world has taken note of earthing and how it can reduce inflammation and stress to improve overall health.

Irene Ross
October 8 2013

7 Bad Habits That Are Screwing Up Your Metabolism

If I had a quarter for every time I heard someone blame his or her weight gain on metabolism — well, I'd be pretty darn rich. But what exactly is...

Irene Ross
September 19 2013

Are You Getting Enough Good Fat?

Has this ever happened to you? Within minutes of eating a strict non-fat meal, you’re craving ice cream, cookies, chips, or pizza.

Irene Ross
August 20 2013

Muscle Spasms? These 5 Nutrients Can Help

We have all had them — those painful, involuntary contractions of one or more muscles that can occur whether you’re active or sleeping. Muscle cramps...

Irene Ross
July 28 2013

Why You Might Need More Salt (Yes, You Read That Right)

Giving in to those salt cravings once in a while may actually make you feel better.

Irene Ross
July 12 2013

6 Health Benefits Of Cloves

They might be tiny, but cloves are giants when it comes to nutrition and natural health.

Irene Ross
June 28 2013

Stressed Out? 6 Simple Ways To Cope

Here’s the thing about stress. It just seems to find us, and it doesn’t matter whether the threat is real or imagined because the physiological...

Irene Ross
June 21 2013

Why Do I Feel So Angry After A Yoga Class?

I'd been feeling very irritated with someone lately, so I thought yoga would be just the thing to steady me. My dosha is pitta, so I can be prone to...

Irene Ross
June 3 2013

How To Prevent Urinary Tract Infections

My diet recently created the perfect storm for a urinary tract infection (UTI). First, I overindulged on crackers and excessive carbohydrates flooded...

Irene Ross
May 17 2013