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Hope Zvara

5 Prenatal Yoga Moves Every Mama-To-Be Should Try

The short nine months during pregnancy hardly give our bodies enough time to adapt to the massive changes that carrying a baby requires. But we can...

Hope Zvara
April 15 2015

Give Your Back A Great (And Safe) Stretch. Here's How

As a yoga teacher, I often hear that backbends are great for your back and spine. And, like you, I have read my fair share of articles claiming these...

Hope Zvara
June 17 2014

How To Deal With Foot Pain Caused By Plantar Fasciitis

You’ve probably felt crippling pain in your heel or arch and a common culprit is plantar fasciitis (PLAN-ter fash-ee-EYE-tus). It's an irritation of...

Hope Zvara
August 21 2013

Why Lent Is More Than Just Cutting Out Meat

We probably all have embarked on a part of our journey with a 21-day detox, a three-day cleanse, a one-day fast, or a vow to reduce -- what...

Hope Zvara
February 21 2013

Why Awareness Is A Funny Thing...

There are 30 trillion cells in the human body, more than 60,000 miles of blood vessels, 88,000 chakras, and 72,000 nadis. And that's just the...

Hope Zvara
February 20 2013

5 Yoga Poses For Mommies & Babies

The joys of having a baby is more than anyone can ever describe, and as a mom of two, myself, I have found that unless you consciously choose to...

Hope Zvara
February 4 2013

How To Do Pigeon Pose The Right Way

Pigeon is a yoga pose we all love to hate

Hope Zvara
January 9 2013

7 Secrets Of Becoming A Successful Yoga Teacher

Over the past decade, I've noticed that there is more to teaching yoga than just knowing the names of the poses, what they look like, and how to put...

Hope Zvara
December 26 2012

Attention, Yogis: What Is the Psoas and Why Should We Care?

The psoas (SO-az) is a muscle running through the pelvis to the upper part of the femur.

Hope Zvara
December 4 2012

What Is Yoga? Are We Really Getting It?

We all want it, that feeling, where we are overflowing with so much joy we cannot contain it. In the end, after we scrape away all the fluff of our...

Hope Zvara
November 7 2012

Getting to the Core of Things

Now activate your core is a phrase you're likely to hear in any fitness class, yoga included. But I wonder, what does that mean? And does the...

Hope Zvara
October 20 2012

4 Lessons in Dealing with Unsupportive People

Nothing in this world is the same. Nothing in this world is constant. Everything in this world is an opportunity to change, leap forward and grow.

Hope Zvara
September 25 2012

Realign Your Alignment with Functional Warrior I

We as yogis are versed in "Warrior I.” As a yoga teacher, functional fanatic and lifelong student, I have come across some very interesting variations...

Hope Zvara
September 15 2012

6 Tips for Teaching Private Yoga Classes

Are you a yoga teacher (or aspiring teacher) who wants to teach privates? You'll want to check out these tips:

Hope Zvara
August 17 2012

Practicing Life Off the Mat

“A yoga practice off the mat is one worth keeping, simply doing a yoga practice will never give you the results you are truly hoping for.”

Hope Zvara
August 13 2012

Do You Want to Thrive or Survive?

Do you want to thrive, or survive? Ask yourself this simple question? Without much thought, the answer is obvious. We all want to live a healthy,...

Hope Zvara
July 12 2012

How Yoga Saved My Life

Much of my life has been as an addict. And many of us on some level are all addicts. But for others their addiction becomes who they are, their...

Hope Zvara
June 7 2012

Yin Yoga 101: What You Need to Know

Breaking down the yoga style you may never have even heard of.

Hope Zvara
June 5 2012

8 Ways to Make Your Yoga Studio Green Without Spending

I love the idea of going green, saving our planet and making this world a cleaner place, but not when it cost me more “green” ($) than I can afford to...

Hope Zvara
May 21 2012