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Erin Volentine

5 Raw Food Breakfasts You Might Not Have Thought Of

Whether you're interested in eating more raw foods, losing weight, increasing your energy, or just feeling better all around, a healthy raw breakfast...

Erin Volentine
December 9 2015

What I Eat In A Typical Day: A Raw Foodie Explains

When I tell people I eat nothing but raw foods, it usually brings to mind celery and carrot sticks. But eating a raw food diet can be filled with...

Erin Volentine
October 28 2015

I'm A Woman & I Don't Shave. Here's Why

I can still remember the first time I shaved my legs. I watched my mom and older sister shaving for years and couldn't wait to join the club. In the...

Erin Volentine
August 4 2015