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Paula Watkins, PhD

How I'm Holding On To Hope In The Aftermath Of Suicide

"We need, in love, to practice only this: letting each other go. For holding on comes easily: we do not need to learn it." —Rainer Maria Rilke

Paula Watkins, PhD
March 5 2017

A Mini-Guide For Anyone Who Wants To Start Meditating

The popularity of meditation is a wonderful thing. What could be better than a more peaceful and mindful planet!? But there's also a lot of confusion...

Paula Watkins, PhD
June 17 2015

5 Tips To Create An Evening Routine For Great Sleep

The quality of your sleep has an enormous impact on well-being (both physically and psychologically), and is partly affected by your bedtime routine.

Paula Watkins, PhD
June 1 2015

Don't Fall For These 3 Meditation Myths

Do you find meditation difficult? Then it just might surprise you that the "common knowledge" about how to meditate, can often be based on myth and...

Paula Watkins, PhD
November 17 2014

How Long Should You Meditate?

Do you often wonder how long you should meditate for?

Paula Watkins, PhD
October 29 2014

Why Meditation Isn't Bliss All The Time

I’ll admit that I’ve certainly had my moments of utter bewilderment at the vulgarization of meditation in mass-marketing.

Paula Watkins, PhD
September 22 2014

Why You Don't Have To Commit To Just One Style Of Meditation

For many years I've found that combining various types of meditation techniques has proved quite effective. But anyone who has been formally trained...

Dr. Paula Watkins
September 19 2014

What Everyone Should Know About Positive Psychology

Happiness isn't merely the absence of suffering. Happiness is a big concept to define, and I won’t even attempt a thorough exploration here (there are...

Paula Watkins, PhD
April 17 2014

How Meditation Can Change Your Sense Of Self (For The Better)

Notions of self and mind differ across cultures and history. For quite a while now, Western cultures have emphasized a Cartesian dualism between mind...

Paula Watkins, PhD
March 26 2014

3 Reasons Everyone Should Try Alternate Nostril Breathing

Conscious breathing exercises, or pranayama, are a big part of yoga, and they're among the key tools I use as a psychologist — particularly when...

Paula Watkins, PhD
March 14 2014

Remind Me: Why Exactly Should I Be Meditating?

Why, exactly, do we meditate? What’s the point? In a personal sense — not an academic one — how might we answer these questions?

Paula Watkins, PhD
February 3 2014

Want To Be Less Neurotic? Think More About Death

William James provided a nice little description of neurotic behavior: Imagine it's winter and you’ve woken up in an ice-cold room under a nice warm...

Paula Watkins, PhD
January 17 2014

Is Your Mental Diet Bringing You Down?

What we put in our bodies runs deep. Deep into our veins, deep into the cells that make up “us.” This we know. We know that a teaspoon of sugar...

Paula Watkins, PhD
January 8 2014

Instead Of Making A New Year's Resolution, Try This

Let’s get one thing clear: I'm not against New Year’s Resolutions. It’s just that I’ve found something better.

Paula Watkins, PhD
December 22 2013

Why Pursuing Pleasure Is The Emotional Equivalent Of Eating Empty Calories

We’ve heard it before. The pursuit of happiness through material achievements is, well, a trap. And yet, we continue to pursue it, talk about it, read...

Paula Watkins, PhD
December 18 2013

The 2 Things You Need If You Want Happiness

The wellness world is swamped with information about mindfulness. We're told how we should be mindful and what we should be mindful of. Essentially...

Paula Watkins, PhD
December 6 2013

Mindfulness Tips To Make Your Life Feel Magical

Mindfulness and acting have a lot in common, apparently. What would that be? Both of them require that we cultivate and refine our ability to do...

Paula Watkins, PhD
November 22 2013

Can't Concentrate When You Meditate? Read This

I’ve been witnessing a disturbing trend recently. Let’s call it the Protestant work ethic of meditation. Instantly recognizable when seen, it looks a...

Paula Watkins, PhD
November 20 2013