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Camille Macres

Why Your Family Won't Eat Healthy + What You Can Do About It

Getting yourself to a place where you consistently stick to your healthy eating plan over time can be challenging. It becomes doubly challenging when...

Camille Macres
July 21 2014

Recipes To Help You Stay Paleo When You're On The Go

Eating a clean, delicious Paleo diet that works for your life can be a bit of a challenge when you lead a busy life. The food options outside your own...

Camille Macres
May 15 2014

Everything You Need To Know About Paleo To Get Started

The purpose of this article is to give a beginner or someone interested in trying the Paleo diet a straightforward introduction to its benefits, the...

Camille Macres
April 3 2014

How To Make Eating Paleo Cheap & Easy

I’m going to lay out for you how I eat organic Paleo meals and a 32-ounce green juice for about $5 per meal, $15 a day, or $450 per month (without the...

Camille Macres
March 24 2014