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Betsi Iris Mufson

Creamy Vegan Caesar Salad (With Gluten-Free Croutons!)

Many of us delight in the salty, sour and creamy experience of freshly “dressed at the table” Caesar Salad. I remember my anticipation as a child when...

Betsi Iris Mufson
July 14 2014

Luscious Vegan Chocolate Cream Pie (Gluten-Free)

We all need a decadent indulgence from time to time. Whether it’s for a celebration, or for a rainy Sunday afternoon, this chocolate cream pie is a...

Betsi Iris Mufson
June 18 2014

10 Tips To Raise Happy & Resilient Kids

Just like us, our children crave happiness and well being. There are many fruitful ways to guide our future generation and even share the highlights...

Betsi Iris Mufson
June 13 2014

20 Tips To Be Your Most Authentic Self

Moving forward with wisdom and joy requires regular “stops” to reconnect with our true selves, the essence of who we are. Although we may be evolving...

Betsi Iris Mufson
June 5 2014

A 5-Minute Meditation To Feel More Passion

We all love feeling passionate and alive, but what ignites passion is different for all of us. I enjoy bringing my passion to mundane tasks (sweeping,...

Betsi Iris Mufson
April 27 2014

How To Make Your Home A Paradise (Without Spending A Dime)

Many of us count the days until our next vacation. Some of us even fly up to 17 hours to experience peace! But what exactly shifts on these getaways?...

Betsi Iris Mufson
April 10 2014

How To Make A Healing, Nourishing Buddha Bowl

On a yoga retreat years ago I was introduced to the Buddha Bowl. A meal-sized bowl filled with simple pure food and enjoyed with deep gratitude. After...

Betsi Iris Mufson
February 21 2014