Become A Meditation Master And Teacher
16-Week Interactive Online Course With Charlie Knoles
Feb 15



Whether you're a yoga teacher looking to enhance your offerings, someone looking to start a meditation practice, or simply looking to deepen your own knowledge and experience, this program will get you there.

Graduates of Charlie's teaching programs have:
  • Built successful careers teaching meditation workshops and classes all over the world
  • Brought on regular, recurring clients from global corporations to yoga studios to private individuals
  • Changed not only their own lives but the lives of thousands of people

When you graduate from this program, you'll join the ranks of some of the most successful, effective, and fulfilled meditation teachers on the planet.


1. Present-Moment Awareness

Drawing the mind towards an object of focus such as the breath or body.

2. Intention

Calmly and clearly focusing on a future "perfect."

3. Transcendence

Allowing the mind to find a state beyond the experience of time, the ego or the intellect.

4. Energized Body & Mind

Meditation in motion, the body, mind and breath in dynamic activity while the mind stays centered and calm.



You're A Knowledge Seeker
  • You want to become a master meditator but have no aspirations to teach regularly.
  • You want to know much more about the four central types of meditation and push your daily meditation practice to deeper level.
  • You are looking to understand the depths of what meditation is and isn't and, of course, learn how to meditate yourself.
You're A Wellness Professional
  • You work in the wellness field—maybe you're a yoga teacher or a mental health professional.
  • You know how powerful meditation can be, and you want to learn to teach it so you can create more professional opportunities.
  • You want your clients to sleep more soundly, live with less stress or anxiety, and enjoy a deep quality of living that only meditating can provide.
Teaching Is Your Calling
  • You've experienced the profound effects meditation has in your own life and are eager to share the practice with as many people as possible.
  • You want to help friends, family members, colleagues, and even strangers live on a deeper, more meaningful level.
  • You want them to thrive, living the happiest, most connected, and most fulfilled version of their life—and you're ready to play an instrumental role in making that happen.


WEEK 1—4
WEEKS 1—4:
Welcome to the program!

This month, you'll learn what being a meditation teacher is all about (it's far different from just being a master meditator yourself!). Charlie will go over how to address common questions students have and how to move through discomforts that often arise in the transition to becoming a teacher. Then, you'll get into the first type of meditation—present moment awareness. Through a series of lectures, practices, peer reviews, and assessments, you'll master this fundamental type of meditation.

WEEK 5—8
WEEKS 5—8:
Solve the most common problems students face.

You'll learn the ins and outs of this meditation, until you're able to help others harness its power. Charlie will go over how the psychology of priming works, where luck comes in, and how creative visualization has a proven scientific ability to change our reality, from helping with weight loss to actually achieving goals you set. He'll also help you work through triggers that may impede your students' progress and how to help them move past any resistance or lack of focus that commonly appear in this type of meditation.

WEEK 9—12
WEEKS 9—12:
Teach transcendence meditation (mantras and all!).

Charlie will take you through the history and concepts behind this powerful practice and how our modern understanding of neuroscience has actually validated thousand-year-old claims. You'll learn how to use mantras in meditation and how to address superstitions people often have about the practice. He'll then teach you several mantras that have been proven to work well for many students, going over where and when they're best applied. In the assessment phase, you'll work through questions you may run into while teaching transcendence meditation, so you're well-prepared to take it out into the world!

WEEK 13—16
WEEKS 13—16:
Learn how to use breath to change your students' lives.

Energized Body & Mind Meditation is the—you guessed it—most energizing form of meditation. In this final month, Charlie will teach you the powerful impact the breath has on the body, getting into both ancient wisdom and how our modern research on the science of breath and the autonomic nervous system have influenced our greater understanding. You'll learn several different types of breath, including chi breathing, kriyas, ujjayi breath, circular breathing, and more, taking away not only technique tips but best-use cases for your teaching. In your practice and analysis phase, you'll take this practice even deeper, developing a mastery of every inhale and exhale until you're ready to share the power of breath with your own students.



Where you'll establish an expert level of understanding for each type of meditation.

Video Class Image

Where you'll take what you learned in the lectures and put it into practice. You'll perfect your technique and analyze how these practices made you feel so that you're prepared to help your students through the same process.

Video Class Image

You'll take online tests to make sure you've understood everything from the lectures, practice, and analysis sufficiently. You can take the tests as many times as you need to.

Video Class Image

Where you'll learn how to teach, crafting responses to questions your students will likely have. You'll get feedback on those responses from your peers in the program. At the end of each application phase, you'll put what you've learned to the test and teach your own class!

Video Class Image
Video Class Image

At the end you'll receive official certification and be on your way to teaching your own class.

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Charlie Knoles is a Vedic meditation teacher and the director of the Veda Center. He was taught Vedic meditation at age 4 by his father, Maharishi Vyasananda Thom Knoles. Following in the footsteps of his father, Charlie's life has been devoted to innovative teaching.

After completing his training as a meditation teacher, he recognized that all teachers need to be trained at an elite level and later developed a new curriculum for Initiator Training and ran a course of deep immersion in Vedic culture in the Himalayan Mountains of India. Be sure to check out Charlie's mbg Video Class, The Essential Guide To Meditation.

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For the Feb 15, 2017 Session

Enrollment Deadline: February 6


What You Get:
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Expert instruction from world-renowned meditator Charlie Knoles

Free access to Charlie’s first class, The Essential Guide to Meditation

The opportunity to teach classes to the mindbodygreen community

Official certificate of completion from Charlie and mindbodygreen

Lifetime access to course videos and discussion boards

Distinct Lecture, Practice and Analysis Phases to perfect your craft

15% off your next class

Community Platform to interact with Charlie and other students

Office hours with Charlie



Are there any prerequisites to taking this training? Do I need to have any prior knowledge?

Absolutely no prior knowledge is required to take this program. Upon purchasing, you'll receive full access to Charlie's Essential Guide To Meditation program, which you can watch to gain familiarity with meditation before beginning your training.

Are there any additional materials required to take this training?

Sessions require a computer, tablet, or mobile device with Internet access. Further in the training, a personal recording device will be required.

What type of certification do I receive at the end of the training?

You'll receive mbg's exclusive 200-hour teacher training certificate and be able to begin teaching your very own students!

Do I have to stick to a particular schedule or can I take the course in my own time?

While the course kicks off at the same time for everyone, you're free to go at your own pace. You will need to finish each section, however, before moving on to the next.

Is this course downloadable to listen to or watch offline?

Unfortunately, it is not. We are, however, looking to add this functionality in the future!

Who's Charlie? Why is he qualified to teach meditation?

Good question! Charlie Knoles is the founder of the Veda Center and one of world's leading meditation teachers. He's been meditating since the age of 4, when he was taught by his father, Maharishi Vyasananda Thom Knoles.

Over years of engaging with modern neuropsychology and other forms of scientific inquiry, in addition to immersing himself in the ancient disciplines of meditation, Charlie has developed unique, effective ways of bringing meditation into the modern world. His innovative teachings have made meditation accessible to thousands of people, from business leaders to celebrities to homemakers—and in this training, he'll teach you the exact methods, so you can harness the power of his teachings with your own students.

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