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Here's The One Daily Habit That Taught Me To Embrace My Body

My curves are not limitations to advanced poses.

Shanna Tyler
3 days ago

What Is Yogic Sexuality?

Prepare to transform your sex life.

John Wineland
March 16

If You Want To Be A Better Morning Person, Try This Yoga Sequence

Start your day off by standing strong in this sequence.

Tatiana Sokolova
March 13

The 3 Yoga Poses You Need To Help Release Tight Hips

There’s something about hip openers that tend to draw out the most raw and buried emotions.

Melanie Torres
March 2

Peek Inside A Natural Skin Care Studio That Feels Like Home

Plus, snag their tips on keeping up a productive (but fun) workplace.

Emma Loewe
March 2

11 Types Of Yoga: A Breakdown Of The Major Styles

There's a style of yoga for everyone.

Kristin McGee
March 2

4 Yoga Principles Guaranteed To Upgrade Your Self-Care Routine

The four yogic beliefs that can help transform your life on and off the mat.

Suzan Colón
March 1

The Best Post-Yoga Recovery Tips For Both Your Mind & Body

Here are a few techniques to help recover from any yoga practice for mind, body, and spirit.

Danielle Cuccio
February 26

How Ashtanga Yoga Pushed Me To Embrace Change

How one woman pursued Ashtanga yoga to help battle the storms in her life.

Tatiana Sokolova
February 25

Movement, Meditation & Matcha: How This Yoga Entrepreneur Starts Her Mornings

SKY TING's Chloe Kernaghan keeps an open mind with meditation and prefers matcha over coffee.

Krysten Peck
February 21