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You Need To Know About The Germs On Your Yoga Mat

Do you know how to keep yourself safe?

David A. Greuner M.D., FACS, FICS
August 9 2017

The DIYs That'll Turn Any Space Into A Zen Oasis (In 10 Minutes Or Less)

Bonus: you can do (almost) all of 'em in 10 minutes or less.

Tikva Morrow
May 30 2016

A DIY Yoga Mat Wash With Aromatic Essential Oils

When I first opened my yoga studio, I realized I needed to invest in a good mat wash. I was disappointed to find that many of the cleaners on the...

Nikki Naab-Levy, LMP
October 16 2014

3 Yoga Mats for Sweating, Not Slipping

Finding the right yoga mat becomes a priority once we decide to take our practice more seriously. Slipping and sliding on a yoga mat can be...

Lisa Mitchell
July 24 2012

All-Natural Yoga Mat Cleaning Recipe

Ever since I started taking Baptiste-style yoga classes, I’ve noticed how much stronger I’ve gotten. I’ve also noticed how much more I need to clean...

Jennifer White
June 11 2012

Super Easy Yoga Mat Cleaning

Living in NYC, I don't have the space to submerge my yoga mat in water and then allow it to dry, so I needed a less space-needy way to clean my mat....

Heidi Kristoffer
August 30 2011

How to Clean Your Yoga Mat with Non-toxic Ingredients

Doing yoga is supposed to be pleasant and calm-inducing, but if the mat you're practicing on is grimy and smelly it can be distracting and diminish...

Cori Morenberg
June 17 2011