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I Had Panic Attacks Every Single Day — Then I Tried Yoga

"I didn't come into yoga for the fad of it. I was initially there for the breath because I didn't have it."

Shauna Harrison
October 6 2016

How Social Media Is Really Affecting Your Yoga Practice

Just a little something to think about before you post your next selfie.

Natasha Chawla
September 25 2016

What I Learned About Myself From Practicing Yin Yoga

I felt like a boxer in the ring, but I was fighting a battle against myself.

Sandra Rea
August 20 2016

4 Ways You Can Use Yoga To Overcome Adversity & Change Your Perspective On Life

You're going to want to hit the yoga mat after reading this one.

Jessica Matthews
August 17 2016

6 Yoga Poses To Give You More Energy & Ignite Your Creativity

You're about to get super in touch with your emotions.

Julia Bartz
August 16 2016

How To Practice Yoga At Home When You Just Can't Make It To Class

When it comes to "doing" yoga, it's much easier to imagine yourself on the mat in downward dog at your local studio than actually engaging with the...

Laurel Erilane
August 3 2016

Tone Your Abs With These 6 Yoga Twists

Forward fold and lunge your way to a stronger core.

K. Mae Copham
July 8 2016

A Simple Yoga Pose To Banish Brain Fog + Beat Fatigue

This move stimulates all 26 vertebrae and sends wake-up calls to the body's energy centers.

Fern Olivia
June 28 2016

The 2 Yoga Postures You Need To Open Tight Hips

They're great for runners, cyclists, or anyone who sits at a desk all day.

Caley Alyssa
June 12 2016

Jennifer Aniston's Yoga Instructor On How To Engage Your Heart Chakra

When you have a balanced, open heart chakra, you will feel calm, confident, and trusting of yourself.

Mandy Ingber
June 2 2016

Yoga For Core Strength: The Perfect Pose To Target Your Obliques

These variations on side plank pose will strengthen the obliques—those often neglected (but still super important) muscles on either side of your...

Rina Jakubowicz
June 1 2016

A Yoga Flow To Awaken Your Sexual Potential

Pelvic-floor muscles play a huge role in sexual satisfaction and orgasm potential. If they are too tight, sex can be painful; if they are weak, the...

Karly Treacy
May 27 2016