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The 3 Keys to Changing Your Habits

A lot of times, people want to change; they want to form new habits, to break certain old ones. They sincerely wish to have a certain discipline in...

Om Swami
August 3 2012

Why All Olympians Are Yogis

Like many Americans – I get excited to watch the Olympics. I laugh, I cry, my heart pounds! I find myself looking at these athletes and being inspired...

Jenniferlyn Chiemingo
August 1 2012

The 7 Habits of a Highly-Effective Yogi

Recently I was sitting at LAX on my way to host a Holistic Yoga Flow workshop during which one of the discussion topics would be "yoga as a...

Travis Eliot
July 31 2012

A Yogic Lesson in Contentment

In the yoga classes I taught last week, I talked about the niyama (ethical observance) of santosha (contentment). The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali tell us...

Tracey Narayani Glover
July 30 2012

5 Ways Yoga Makes You a Better Mom

Being a parent is beautiful, scary, rewarding and amazing. It is such a personal experience, and its meaning and impact are different for everyone....

Anna Mahler
July 29 2012

How Yoga Helps You Sail Into the True You

There are two main components to your body, to YOU: there is the gross, physical, tangible body on the outside and the subtle, intangible, energetic...

Lauren Imparato
July 28 2012

Yoga Teachers: How to Write a Kickass Bio

Smart, authentic bios are essential for any yoga teacher. These are used on your personal postcards, flyers and website. The studios or gyms you teach...

Silvia Mordini
July 27 2012

4 Ways to Take Yoga Off the Mat & Into Your Heart

All of us reading this article have probably practiced yoga, right? We have moved through practice with our bodies, minds, and hearts. We have felt...

Jo Beth Richards
July 26 2012

4 Lessons from My Injured 'Toe Guru'

You hear it all the time in yoga land: your injuries are your greatest teachers. So, when I needed foot surgery to rehabilitate and reset a frozen big...

Sarah Herrington
July 26 2012

Starting Yoga? 4 Things to Look for, 4 to Avoid

Yoga can be trendy, intimidating, and it can seem like you’ve got to be a hipster already in shape to even set foot in a studio. There are so many...

Valerie Leeds
July 25 2012

The Yogic Practice of Observing Silence

The term for observing silence is mauna in Sanskrit. Various yogic and tantric texts lay great importance on observing silence. The talkative nature...

Om Swami
July 23 2012

'Namaste' Isn't Only For Yoga: 3 Ways It Can Change Your Life!

The Hindu greeting “Namaste” has become an integral part of most yoga classes. In India, it is used as a polite bow of greeting or farewell that means...

Jayme Barrett
July 19 2012

6 Yogic Virtues That Help Us Go with the Flow

I drank the kool-aid. I am a full on yoga addict. I refer to something beyond the joy of bending and folding, something other than stretching and...

Dani Marie Robinson
July 19 2012

3 Steps to Awaken a Better Day!

In yogic practices, you may have heard of a "sadhana" in relation to a morning ritual. Sadhana directly translates to "a means of accomplishing...

Susan Duprey
July 18 2012

Yoga, Yamas & Vegetarianism

"No true or lasting happiness can come from causing unhappiness to others. No true or lasting freedom can come from depriving others from their...

Lisa Mitchell
July 16 2012

The Yoga Cell Phone Conversation

By now the story of a Facebook yoga teacher was fired for glaring at a cell phone-wielding employee has made the rounds. This story has rumpled many...

Derek Beres
July 15 2012

Shift Happens

It is perfectly ok to admit—out loud, even—that everything is not OK. Things change. The honeymoon ends. Strong feelings fade, transform. Paths cross,...

Daniel Scott
July 12 2012

How Do You Practice Yoga with the Heart?

I am really excited to be back in Mysore for a number of reasons. But the first and last is to PRACTICE.

Heather Morton
July 9 2012

It's Either Me or Yoga!

What do you do if you are married to someone or in a relationship where the other person is at odds with your practice, your rituals and/or your...

Heather Morton
July 6 2012