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Want To Boost Focus? Try These 5 Desk-Friendly Yoga Poses

No one will give you weird looks. We promise.

Leigh Weingus
March 24 2017

5 Ways To Manifest Positive Vibes

Positivity is the new caffeine. Seriously.

Dr. Rubina Tahir, DC
March 22 2017

Hitting That Afternoon Slump? This Short Yoga Sequence Will Fill You With Energy

Yes, you can even do these moves in your office.

Daniela Momo
March 13 2017

How I Used Yoga To Heal My IBS

Further proof that yoga is magic.

Jordan Younger
March 10 2017

How Yoga Can Help You Save Money

Brb, going to yoga immediately.

Anuradha Sarkar
March 7 2017

This Is Why So Many People Are Addicted To Kundalini Yoga

And how to know if it's for you.

Guru Jagat
March 1 2017

The Heart-Healing Exercise That Will Get You Through A Breakup

Your heart will heal in no time.

Blair Flynn
February 21 2017

Is It Dangerous To Practice Yoga While You're On Your Period?

Something to keep in mind while rolling out your mat.

Leigh Weingus
January 30 2017

What I Learned While Teaching Yoga In A Women's Jail

"But I want these women to know that what they're doing right now is really good for them. Through the language of yoga, I'm telling them there's...

Chellis Ying
January 29 2017

Struggling To Accept The Truth? Here's How Yoga Can Help

These three aspects are so helpful.

Christine Reppa
January 23 2017

Yoga For People Who Think They're Not Flexible Enough For Yoga

These tips will have you rolling out your mat in no time.

Sasha Nelson
January 2 2017

This Is What Yoga Classes In France Are Really Like

So similar yet so different.

Leigh Weingus
December 22 2016