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How Much Yoga Is Too Much Yoga?

There really is such a thing. Let's talk about it.

Leigh Weingus
June 5 2017

Is Your Approach To Success Actually Slowing You Down? Here's How To Find Out

Pushing hard isn't always the way to make things happen.

Tara Stiles
June 3 2017

The Savasana-Euphoria Connection You Need To Know About

Some say it’s the most difficult pose, precisely because you’re not supposed to move at all. It’s all about the gap between what you did during the...

Quentin Vennie
June 2 2017

What The Workout Routines Of Doctors Actually Look Like

It's time to take your tips from the pros.

Leigh Weingus
June 1 2017

The No. 1 Thing I'm Asked As A Kundalini Yoga Teacher

Deep breathing comes in handy for this one.

Kristen Campbell
June 1 2017

A Yogi On Living Your Best Life Off The Mat

Here's what you need to know.

Yogi Cameron
May 30 2017

I Tried Lululemon's Revolutionary New Bra. Here's Why I'm Never Taking It Off

This might just be the sports bra to end all sports bras.

Leigh Weingus
May 17 2017

What's Up With The Essential Oils Your Yoga Teacher Uses At The End Of Class?

You can finally put a name to those scents.

Charlynn Avery
May 8 2017

25 Reasons To Do Yoga Every Single Day

Because you know you can wake up half an hour earlier.

Lily Russo
May 5 2017

Want A Stronger Back? Do These 5 Simple Moves Every Day

These exercises will give you a stronger spine for life.

Kelsey J. Patel
May 4 2017

5 Things Everyone Gets Wrong About Yoga Teachers

Nope, we can't do every single pose.

Sam Maracic
May 1 2017

Why The Benefits Of Yoga Will Only Get Better As You Age

Read this before your next downward-facing dog.

Leanne G.
April 27 2017

3 Myths Everyone Gets Wrong About Yoga

This is a game-changer.

Melissa Eckman
April 19 2017

The Foolproof Insomnia Cure You Haven't Tried

So long, sleepless nights.

Jesse Barton
April 18 2017

How This Yoga Superstar Overcame Anxiety & Depression

​"Yoga allows me the space to see that the good and the bad of life are supposed to happen."

Leigh Weingus
April 11 2017

I Practiced Yoga Every Day For 6 Weeks. Here's What I Learned

As it turns out, there IS enough time for what's important.

Samantha Kellgren
April 5 2017

6 Yoga Poses That Can Help Increase Your Fertility

Bonus: You can do them all in a chair.

Kristin McGee
April 4 2017