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Double Standards Still Hold Women Back At Work, According To Survey

There's no doubt that women are equally as qualified as men to lead companies. But even as they continue to make giant strides in every industry —...

Emi Boscamp
January 16 2015

5 Signs It's Time To Quit Your Job

Months ago, something odd, and kind of unexpected, happened. And it changed my entire life: I decided I didn't want to follow the job I studied for,...

Neal Samudre
January 5 2015

5 Powerful Ways Lists Are Great For Your Brain

I'm sure you know at least one of these kind of people. They carry notebooks, have copious amounts of post-its stuck around their desks, are always...

Jeff Rogers
January 1 2015

6 Exercises You Can Do At Your Desk (Instead Of Just Sitting All Day)

The typical day of someone who works in an office is spent sitting. We sit eight hours at a desk. We sit commuting to work. In the evenings, we slouch...

Monique Craig
December 29 2014

The Jobs With The Highest (And Lowest) Depression Rates

Mondays are generally accepted as the worst day of the week. Your brain clings desperately to the snooze mode of the weekend, but you have to...

Emi Boscamp
December 22 2014

Sitting All Day Is Probably Killing You (Video)

We've got some bad news. You'll probably want to sit down for this. No, wait. Stand up. You were definitely already sitting. At your desk. Where you...

Emi Boscamp
December 19 2014

Study Says Introverts Can Be Pretty Judgmental At Work

Everyone knows that person at work who sits at his or her desk, headphones in, and hardly utters a word to anyone the entire day. You've never given...

Emi Boscamp
December 17 2014

How To Manifest Your Way To Financial Abundance

The worst pickup line I've ever received was "I make more money here than every guy combined." Needless to say, on behalf of women everywhere, I was...

Amita Patel
December 17 2014

Sleep Scientists Say Work Should Start Later

I think we can all agree that sleep is a wonderful thing. The longer we can hit snooze, the better. Sometimes, though, we can't get enough of it...

Emi Boscamp
December 12 2014

5 Signs Your Boss Is A Narcissist

Most people can relate to having a boss who is a difficult person. This is just part of working in organizations where there are different people and...

Clinton Power
December 12 2014

Here's Why You're Stuck At A Lame Job

There are those who are working a bad job by choice and those who are stuck there. If you're stuck in your job, it's your thinking that's keeping you...

Neal Samudre
December 11 2014

7 Bad Work Habits You Should Break

There are all different kinds of bad work habits. There are those that we tend to think of as procrastination methods, habits that wreak havoc on your...

Nicole Davies
December 10 2014

Top 3 Beliefs That Are Sabotaging Your Income

What we make of our lives — our relationships, our passions, our careers, and more — are all contingent on how we perceive ourselves and what we...

Lloyd Burnett
December 9 2014

How To Find A Job That's Not Totally Boring & Type A

When I was fourteen years old, I vowed I would never be a waitress. I have the utmost respect for women and men who work in the restaurant field, as...

Hillary Carlip
December 7 2014

5 Self-Care Strategies For The Breadwinning Woman

At this time of year more than any other, everyone seems more prone to exhaustion and anxiety. This is true for many of my female clients who are...

Elizabeth McLaughlin
December 6 2014

5 Steps To Reclaim Your Sanity In A Toxic Work Environment

I need that report finished and on my desk by the end of today. No need to go home and have dinner with my family tonight, right?

Lisa Farrar
December 5 2014

Avoid These 6 Things If You Want To Indulge Mindfully During The Holidays

Celebrate the holidays while staying true to your diet with a little help from top nutrition experts. They've seen it all and are here to share their...

Maggie Moon
December 3 2014

3 Ways To Spark Your Charisma, Even If You're Not Charismatic

Have you ever wondered what exactly "charisma" is? And have you ever wondered how you could "get it" ... even if you feel like you're not charismatic?

Felicia Spahr
December 3 2014

How I Quadrupled My Income By Speaking My Truth

I talk to so many intuitive and spiritual women who are not earning what they are worth or doing what they love. They feel stuck. Why? Often because...

Raquel Vasallo
December 1 2014

5 Decisions To Avoid For A Regret-Free Life

Life is short, and time is the one thing we'll never get back. In our minds we understand this, but far too many of us don't live our life this way....

Kimanzi Constable
November 27 2014